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Welcome to BassWestUSA Online, the leading bass fishing publication in the West and quickly becoming a leader worldwide. BassWestUSA concentrates on Western bass angling techniques, from the latest in dropshot finesse fishing to monster swimbaits and other big baits. With new techniques such as these, BassWestUSA magazine will keep you informed and on the cutting edge of bass fishing.

BassWestUSA is full from cover to cover with 100% bass fishing information that will help you locate more bass and put them in the livewell. BassWestUSA strives to be the best bass fishing magazine today!

Feature articles are written by the most noted outdoor writers out West and across the country. BassWestUSA has always made use of the many photographs that are captured by the best photographers in the industry today.

Each issue spotlights the time-tested best in bass fishing in our ongoing series Legends Of The Sport. Tournament trail professionals are showcased each issue as well in the Joe To Pro segment. The magazine also utilizes many of the top professional anglers in the sport with Pro Columns. Also featured with each issue is The Hunt for Giant Bass.

Currently featured is the continuing series Bait Manfucturers Profile as well as other regularly occurring content including a National Report, Angling Exposures, Destination, On Tour With various pros and Guide Perspective.