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A TighT Line


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New Beginnings

that one of the most i n t r i g u i n g aspects of fishing for most anglers is that each and every day is a brand new day. Even if the last outing was tough, and the fish just didn’t cooperate, there is always that promise of something extraordinary happening. Each day brings a new sunrise, a new promise, and a new feeling of excite- ment. It’s that anticipation of great things that keeps us coming back. Maybe it’s the allure of a big fish on the line, or the person- al battle between nature and us. For each and every one of us it’s a little different. For some it’s a personal accomplishment, like a top finish in a tournament, for others it could be that possible record, and for still others it may just be watching a young child catch their first fish. Either way each morning offers a prayer of a great day, and the hope to share it with someone, even if that someone is in fact just a fish. For me personally it seems that every morning on the water is a beginning. It re- minds me to be thankful for all we have, for all God’s gifts, and to not let our past define us. It’s a chance to start over, kind of like writing on this blank piece of paper; the de- cisions you make will dictate how the day or paper gets filled. You can fill it with love, humor, competitiveness, or just reflections of a blessed life. The dawn of this year is no different, it’s an opportunity for each of us to fill it with the best that we have, both on the water and off. It’s our opportunity to learn from our pasts and embrace the changes ahead, much like fishing. So to all you anglers I offer this, lets make 2009 the finest year ever. Let’s take the extra time to pick up that piece of trash, help out that stranded boater, or just give a hand- ful of baits to a child on the shore. Let’s really be thankful for this gift, this sport, and all that have helped us enjoy it. As we head into spring of 2009 we have already seen some major changes both in our country and in fishing. For starters I think our country showed how much we have matured in electing

i Think

the first African American President. While many anglers around the country seem to be Republicans (myself included) the fact of the matter is this is a major step in the evolution and unity that is needed right now in the United States. No different in the world of competitive bass fishing as we have now seen the first ever female quali- fier for the Bass Master Classic. I think ku- dos are in order for ESPN in taking the ini- tiative to make this historic feat possible. For me personally, and most of the Legend Boat owners across the country comes a real sense of pride, as our own Kim Bain- Moore won the first and last event of the 2008 WBT to be that woman. Many of us in the western states are fa- miliar with the blonde headed wonder from down under, and any of us that have com- peted against her knew there was a pretty good chance she could dominate against the best woman in the country. Now though as the 51st angler it is arguable that Kim has instantly become a household name after competing in the Classic. As I write this, there is no way to know how Kim will fair in this endeavor. But how Kim finishes is not nearly so important, what is important is that our sport like our country, has matured and opened the door for expanded and more diverse competitors in the future. Now I am sure there are a bunch of Nay Sayers out there, guys on the couch fishing circuit that don’t think this is right or believe she can be successful. On the other hand, all through history we see individuals embrace the day, break down barriers, and in turn leave us better people because of it. This is an exciting time we live in, one that shows our great progress as a people and great progress of our sport. From Mark, Tony, Dan and I, we look forward to sharing this year with all of you, and providing the greatest infor- mation to make each and every dawn the best ever. JC