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for me too. To swim it just cast it out and reel it by cover just like a spinner bait. You can cover wa- ter fast and it might help you to find a big school, then you can slow down and pick them apart. Keep a few white jigs handy they work great for swimming. Dead sticking the jig also can be a sleeper, even more so in the spring, as the fish start to go on beds. The last retrieve you will need is a hard pop. When your working the jig and you reach a good piece of cover, stop it for a second then pop it hard. This method will draw a reaction strike from an inactive bass. When you get to your fishery picking out the type of cover the bass will be hid- ing in can be challenging. Jigs are made to be fished in all types of cover; there will be always be something there for you to throw to. Clay banks with chunk rock on them are an excellent choice. The clay and rock mixture really seems to hold the heat well. Heat will be a key ingredient in finding a good pre spawn spot. Riprap is awesome you will get frustrated with breaking off and retying but it’s worth the rewards. Af-

ter fishing on the FLW Tour back east for a few years boat docks have become a major player for me. Look for outside poles that are a little deeper with plenty of sunlight. Females will use these poles to sun them- selves. Be ready on the sink, because lots of times these fish will be suspended, and bite as the jig is falling. Grass can also be very good. Look for the deepest grass that is the greenest. This is where you should find the pre spawn fish schooled up. Depth will vary depending on where you are fishing. In most cases the fish

should be in 20 feet and less in the early spring. If the water is dirty they will be shallower as a general rule of thumb. They will be deeper if the water is clear. In all types of water there will be a very shallow afternoon bite and I mean shallow like zero to three. Sunshine is key for this ultra shallow bite. Look for isolated pieces of cover like a laydown, stump or rock. If it’s been warm all day and it’s early spring you will catch fish with this pattern. The real shallow fish will be aggressive so you can fish fast. Make a few pitch- es to each peace of cover then move on. A jig is a great lure and a big fish catcher. Spend some time this spring throwing it you will be glad you did. Be sure not to get discouraged, to get good at something you must put your time in. The more days you can spend on the water the better. Once you start catching some fish you will be hooked. A good jig bite will get your heart pounding every time. I hope that some of my tips will help you put more fish in your boat. Thanks for reading and good luck. BW

Photo courtesy of FLW Outdoors.

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