BassWestUSA - March/April, 2009, Page 77

Falcon Tackle Storage Solutions are among the most versatile tackle boxes available today. From Spinnerbait, Jig and Buzzbait wallets, to boxes designed for everything from terminal tackle to hard- baits. Falcon provides an easy, secure way to organize your tackle.

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dePS hiGhSider Jr.

The Highsider Jr. is a jointed minnow that incorporates 4 foam pieces that can be worked with multiple retrieve speeds. Designed to produce an irregular flare, the High- sider Jr. swims with a methodical flow as all of the joints follow each other. The joints are joined with extra strong hardware to make sure the monsters get to the boat and they also produce a loud clanking sound as they bang against each other. With a fast retrieve speed, the Highsider Jr. can dive to depths of 4-5 feet while rolling on its side producing an enticing flash appeal. When stopped, it slow floats to the surface where it can be deadsticked or twitched.

Vibrating jigs shook up the fishing world by storm from the moment they burst onto the scene just a few short years ago. Leave it to Revenge to take that concept and make it even better. The Revenge Viberator features the same attention to detail that has given its other products the reputations of works of art. The Viberator features unique colors and engineering that includes specially designed stainless steel blades with shapes and angles designed to enhance vibration. Each color is custom designed to match the hatch no matter what part of the country you fish in.

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AAroN MArteNS LureS ScrouNGer heAd

The Scrounger swimbait has a 35 year history, beginning in Southern California in the early 1970’s. John Waters, the in- ventor of the Scrounger swimbait, created it to be an inshore saltwater swimbait. It quickly became popular with freshwater anglers throughout the region. In 2006, Aaron Martens Lures LLC opened for business, a partnership including Aaron Martens, Joshua and Scott Kolbinsky. Each lived and fished both salt and freshwater in California until 2000, at which time, all moved east. The Scrounger Head comes in multiple sizes and can be paired with many of today’s most popular plastics for amazing fishing action.

Spiderwire ® Ultracast™ is the BEST braided fishing line ever made PERIOD! Ultracast™ outcasts, and outlasts all the competitors. Unlike the other braids, Ultracast ® requires no break-in period. It is limp and ready-to-fish right out of the box. It’s stronger, smoother, and much more durable, while still amazingly thin and sensitive. This is the per- fect braided line for reaction baits and topwater. As with ALL Spi- ® derwire products, the all new Spiderwire® Ultracast™ 100% Fluorocarbon is the Thinnest, Strongest, Most Sensitive Fluorocarbon ever made. Besides being ultra-clear and invisible, it has excep- tionally high strength per diameter compared to all other fluorocarbons. Its thin diameter actually helps baits perform much better, yet its ultimate sensitivity transmits strikes and structure better than any other fluorocarbon on the market today. With Spiderwire ® , Nothing Gets Away!

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totally new high-performance baitcast reel loaded with features usually found only in the most expensive reels. Available in either right- or left-hand retreive models, Code Red is designed with a comfortable low-profile that comfortably fits the anglers hand. Code Red features a 10-bearing drive system, our exclusive ACS™II externally adjustable centrifugal braking, a strong Continuous Anti-Reverse and a MaxCast™ skeletal aluminum spool. Code Red also features a Flippin Switch™ allowing an angler to employ flippin’ techniques which precisely place baits into tight cover.

emphasis on main stream fishing fashion that is tailored to meet the demands of anglers of any age. Bassaholics is made of the finest materials, sacrificing nothing in the quality of construction or the trend- setting design elements. Bassahol- ics is hardcore fishing, whether you are the dedicated tournament angler, addicted trophy hunter or a weekend angler, Bassaholics has separated themselves from any other apparel company in the fishing industry and it is the angler who benefits from their dedication to quality and exceptional looks. • 800-591-7171