BassWestUSA - March/April, 2009, Page 9

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I love the magazine, but was a little disappointed this year that I didn’t seem to receive all the issues in fact I only got 4, I thought it was bi- monthly not quarterly! If it is Quarterly you guys shouldn’t put the 2 months on the cover, you should put Spring or Fall on the cover. Or maybe I just missed the other 2 issues! Can you help? JN, San Diego CA JN - no you are right we did miss a couple issues this last year. the truth is we had some major changes with the publication, changes that I think will be a real benefit in the future. The good news is your sub- scription runs off the number of is- sues published meaning that you will not be slighted in any way! Whatever you subscribed for you will get! We have brought on board a couple of great guys to ensure that each aspect of the process is timely and efficient! We have also added a number of key new writers from around the country to make sure that were not waiting for material and extending our deadlines. This should be a great year and were all excited at hav- ing Tony Stoltz and Dan O Sullivan on the production team! JC

I just wanted to say how glad I was to read the information in the last magazine about Zebra Mussels. I found even the little bit of information very informative and the web site you suggested gave me a much larger understanding of the critters! I had no idea how complex the problem was or even the possible pros they could have on a lake! As you said none of us really know what they will affect in the future or the ramifications, but I think we should all get more informed this year to stop them where they are! DD, Olympia WA DD - I appreciate your comments! I have to admit I thought I knew a lot about them. On my home waters like Lake Powell, they have not yet infiltrated. Lake Powell believe it or not has been testing eastern vessels for a decade! That’s right a decade! Officials ac- tually found the first of these Mussels in 1993 at agriculture check points in California! Un- fortunately know one took the time to educate people of the threat until the last 2 years when they magically started showing up everywhere! I have a feeling they have been here for quite sometime, but only time will tell the overall effects they will have on our ecosystems! But I agree I hope every reader will use the net to educate them- selves on this problem JC

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