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Jarrett Edwards

the West Coast seems to be happy nowadays! And rightfully so as Skeet Reese brings the Bassmaster Classic trophy home, Brent Eh- rler is now 2nd in the pro world rankings and Roy Hawk wins yet another high-level event. This is old news to some but, day in and day out, the West Coast angler is no longer viewed as the 2nd class citizen who only fishes finesse. Fact is, that the West Coast contingent of anglers are a force to be reckoned with at any and all tourna- ments they’re showing up at! The diversity of the waters, the creativity of the anglers and the determination and mindset to get the job done makes me proud to be from the left coast. Adding to the deep talent pool of fish- erman either still residing on the left side of the country, or originally from there, are the likes of Bassmaster Classic and FLW Tour Champion Luke Clausen and last year’s FLW Tour Champion Michael Bennett. A wave of fierce competitors such as Ish Monore, Aaron Martens, Jay Yelas, Brett Hite, James Niggemey- er, Jared Lintner, Fred Roumbanis, Dean Ro- jas, John Murray, Byron Velvick, Gabe Bolivar, Mark Tyler, Cliff Pirch, and others are already competing at the high- est competitive levels the sport of bass fishing has to offer. The list of esteemed Western an- glers seems to be end- less. Add to that the no- tion of even more an- glers shuffling across multiple state lines to find their way to open events in an attempt to qualify themselves onto the more lucrative BASS Elite Series or FLW Tour events.


Recently we have begun filming for our second season of Jarrett Edwards Out- doors National TV. Season one was a mon- strous success for us and Rebecca and I are so thankful for the hundreds of positive emails you have sent our way. Thank you for watching and for your feedback; we do take it seriously. Yesterday, while filming on Lake Pow- ell, we hooked and landed - on film - a 5- pound smallmouth. This was the largest smallmouth of my life and it bit in two foot of water on a smoke colored Senko. The fish were still a few weeks away from spawning but they are up shallow, cruising around, seeking out potential bedding lo- cations. I actually saw this fish cruising but thought it was a carp due to the length. You can imagine how surprised I was when I watched her inhale the bait! The fight was on and to be able to catch this beautiful fish on video was really a special moment for me. I believe this is what drives me on even further to produce quality HD footage for television. Catches like this one fire up

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the passion I have for angling in general. The challenge of producing such video and fishing the Elite Series is mutual in many ways. Each day while filming the clock is against you and you have to rely on every bit of information possible to get the job done.

Now, I know that I’m biased, probably because I live there, but let me tell you this lake is back and in a major way. Since my early days of guiding I have never seen this lake so healthy. Last season Lake Powell rose nearly 50 foot covering major bushes and trees and allowing the shad and other baitfish to replenish excessively. This sea- son we are expecting another major influx of water meaning only good things to come for the future. As I witnessed an Anglers Choice tour- nament last week, out of the 30 boats that attended, it took more than 15 pounds per day to win. I expect these weights to go up dramatically over the next few events. To me the beauty of Lake Powell is that an an- gler can fish here for the rest of their lives and never fish the same location twice! At full pool it’s nearly 186 miles long with 96 side canyons chock full of awesome struc- ture. It’s no wonder it’s America’s second largest man made im- poundment! In closing, all this talk about fish- ing has me ready for another day on the lake! Please check out season two of Jarrett Edwards Outdoors on The World Fishing Network (Dish Chan- nel 394). As always, thanks for reading and be safe out there! BW

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