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on Tour WiTh TeAm Tru-TungsTen

Michael Bennett


say joining the Tru-Tungsten team this year has to be one of the most exciting things that has happened since coming off the crazy rush of winning the Forrest Wood Cup. To join the ranks of Mike Iaconelli, Ish Monroe and Matt Newman makes me feel like I have finally made it in the fishing in- dustry. Tru-Tungsten is one of the companies that I have been using all of their products for the last few years and have been extremely impressed with there durability, accuracy, and performance. In a benefit to their products pros are used to help develop each and everything Tru-Tunsten has to offer. It’s obvi- ous by judging who is on their pro-staff that you would only expect the best products out of their company. I know I wouldn’t have accomplished as much as I have in my career if I hadn’t been throwing Tru-Tungsten stuff for the last few years, especially there tungsten jigs and weights. Tungsten is more sensitive, harder and dens- er then lead so it really makes all the sense in the world to use it and in my eyes their expansions to soft plastic baits is going to revolutionize the future of fishing. The Stinger and Reverse Stinger worm is absolutely a great concept; you don’t need to add any weight to the bait. Tungsten powder is the weight, it allows the bait to glide and fall extremely natural. When fishing this bait you are as weedless as it gets, because there are two things that will get you hung up. One of them being the hook, (and you can rig these baits with an offset hook allow it to be completely weedless) and the second thing is the weight. (The bait has it built in so it completely eliminates the possibility for

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May/June 2009