BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 15

hang-ups.) The unique way it falls gives the fish something new to see. It’s extremely natural in the way that it glides, and that’s one thing fish don’t see often. You can also skip this bait extremely far getting into the “hard to reach places.” Making this particular bait even more deadly. The Depth Shad is another bait that I really have been a big fan of and has added a lot of confidence for me in fishing. It also allows the anglers that have an option of not adding weight to the bait because of the Tungsten powder on it. This helps me not have to worry about rigging up this soft plastic jerk bait with the perfect amount of weight. A few things that I like about the depth shad are that its ready to fish right out of the package, it has a life like appearance, and this bait offers great “walk the dog action”, making this bait a true winner. Tru-Tungsten also created this bait weightless, just incase you need to fish the bait on the sur- face, like I do sometimes. I have been fishing the Tru-Tungsten Depth Shad baits and will say that you won’t be disappointed. I plan on utilizing this bait on tour for the upcoming year and taking complete advantage of not losing any more nail weights. This is going to be a great bait once the fish start getting on beds and through post spawn. Being that I am from the west, it’s no secret that my absolute favorite bait is the 4” Tru-Tungsten swim bait. When I fish the swimbait I know I am going to catch a lot of fish, and that’s a big com- fort for me on tour. This bait is the full package; it looks very life like and has an awesome swimming action in the water. The great thing about this bait is when a fish is following it, I pause it and twitch it like a jerk bait. The swimbait sways from side to side causing the fish to go crazy. This is really more of a finesse swimbait because of its size and profile - it allows me to fish it in more tournaments. Swim- bait fishing tends to be much better when there are not a lot of boats on the water, but this bait helps to keep the at- tention on it even when I am competing with a bigger number of boats. Also with its different fall rates I can adjust with the fish, typically as the sun gets higher the fish will start go deeper so I can just add tungsten bee bees and stay in the strike zone without having to completely switch baits or techniques. The biggest part for me is landing the fish. With the trouble hooks on it guarantees me that, if I set the hook and reel in, I will net a fish. I have always had trouble catching Ken- tucky spotted bass because they have a tendency to slap at a swim baits and this time they won’t get away. Tru-Tungsten is a great company and I am honored to join their amazing pro-staff. I also look forward to building a long relationship with them, while helping design future baits. If you are questioning buying their products, don’t! I promise you won’t be disap- pointed. BW

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