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been water off a duck’s back. There were a few grumbles from some guys at the Classic, but I know it is always going to be a little more difficult when you are the first to do something. Hopefully, it will be a little bit easier for whoever qualifies next year. And, hopefully the year after that, it will be easier for the next.”

During practice for the Bassmaster Classic, the course of Kim’s journey became self evident when she observed a father fishing with his daughter from the banks of the Red River. That moment was not about being female or from another

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country. It was about being provided with the opportunity to fish as a child. “When I came into one backwater area during practice, there was a little girl fishing with her dad. When I saw that, I thought to myself, ‘Wow – that was me 20 years ago!’ Her dad later came up to me at the Classic and said, ‘We saw you when we were fishing together the other day!’ I told him, ‘Right-On! Right-On for taking your daughter fishing!’ If my whole presence at the Classic meant that one dad sitting in the audience would consider, ‘You know what? The next time I go fishing, I am going to take my daughter.’ Then, it was all worth it. That was my job done. All I wanted to do when I went there was to encourage people to go fishing – at any level.”

Kim intends to continue with the WBT in hopes of earning future invitations to the Bassmaster Classic. In ad- dition, she enjoys the camara- derie and diversity in tour desti- nations that the WBT offers. “I hadn’t participated in a ladies-only fishing circuit be- fore last year. I had read about other trails like the Women’s Bass Fishing Association (WBFA) and Bass’N Gals, but I was still a little nervous about what it would be

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May/June 2009

Photo courtesy of FLW OUtdoors