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May/June 2009 • Volume 15 • Issue 3

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Jamie Cyphers

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Classic Champ & Jarrett Edwards

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Kim Bain-Moore

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Bass West usA

mAy/june 2009

- legends oF The sporT

KeVin VAndAm

lunKer phoTos

shing d on BAss Fi d FinAl Wor The FirsT An

opening drives & two-minute drills

on The coVer

May/June 2009

for giant bass

Kevin Vandam

u.s. An choice coVerAge

Legends of the Sport

Kevin VanDam, one of the most fearsome anglers in the sport today, explains how to rig and fish a Strike King Rage Tail Toad for an Internet video broadcast. Read about this Legend of the Sport on page 26 and find out what makes KVD tick.

Photo by Dan O’Sullivan.

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May/June 2009