BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 45

help those active fish find the bait. Always use the largest hook that you can get away with, and when flipping on braid it is essential to use a thicker hook, such as a Gamakatsu Super Line EWG hook. Braided line offers no stretch, and by using a thicker hook you can eliminate the possibility of straightening a hook on a hook set. Flipping can be a great technique during post spawn and year round, but fishing a drop shot in a variety of depths and cover can also be a great technique to catching post spawn fish. When fishing depths of 10 plus feet with virtually no cover, I will employ your typical drop shot tactics; light line, finesse fishing, and a spinning reel. However, when targeting fish in shallow, thick cover, fishing a drop shot on heavier fluorocarbon line on a bait caster can lead to great success. In these scenarios I will use fluorocarbon line ranging from 12-17lb test on a normal basis, unless fishing under extreme conditions in which you can go to a heavier line. Again, fluorocarbon is an important aspect because it offers sensitiv- ity which is important when fishing baits that can lead to light bites. Just like fish- ing a normal drop shot, you rig it the same, however use a heavier gauge hook, and want to rig it weed less. Roboworm makes a great rebarb hook that is perfect for this application, and can be paired with a 7” worm, small lizard, or even a small creature bait. Any of these baits are great choices for fishing a drop shot in cover. This tech- nique is great for targeting shallow, post

spawn fish that are thick in cover. In a way, this technique is a form of flipping, as you will often find yourself pitching and flipping your drop shot around shallow cover. Next time you’re heading to the lake for a day of post spawn fishing, spend the time trying new techniques, and covering a lot of water from top to bottom, as you will pleasantly be surprised at what you might find. Good fishing and tight lines! BW

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