BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 48

By andy Parsons

Fishing’s CritiCal hours

it comes to NFL quarterbacks, what sep- arates the greats from the near-greats? Often it’s what they do at the beginning and end of a game. Blow the doors off the other team during the first quarter or toss a game-winning touchdown as time expires and lots of broken plays and errant passes are forgotten. Granted, similarities between professional football and tour- nament bass fishing are few. Both still boil down to competition, though, and the decision about where to make your first stop can have a major impact on how the rest of your day unfolds. If you put a quick limit in the boat or stick a donkey, things can look quite

capitalize on tournament


rosy. The alternative – few or no bites, lost fish, or being overrun with competitors – are the kinds of first-hour scenarios that can leave us tossing and turning for nights after a tournament. Should those less-than-stellar beginnings greet us, how do we respond? And, more to the point, how do we prepare ourselves when we’re convinced our entire success hinges on that early bite? The last hour, too, can be momentous. We’ve all heard the story of an angler dropping the winning fish in the box just as his partner is lifting the trolling motor. But how do you keep your wits about you when you’re down to sixty minutes and you know a

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May/June 2009

Photo courtesy of BASS Communications.