BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 63

by Dan Mathisen and BassWestUSA supporter Wrapped Graphics is gaining acknowledgement throughout the wrapped graphics industry as a leader in the field of vehicle graphics after only a short time in the business. Larry Lawrence, the founder of Wrapped Graphics left a position at Kodak to build a new business. Prior to storming into the graphics business this creative mind spent much of his time on the road as a engineer for Kodak for 15 years. ”Our family suffered a loss which had his wife and kids asking him to spend more time closer to home,” Lawrence said, “ I had been an engineer for Kodak, much of my time was spent doing graphics and computer work for them. It has always been fun for me to create and design; this business seemed like a per- fect fit. So I bought a printer and Wrapped Graphics was born”. From concept to reality, Wrapped Graphics is leading the com- petition in high quality graphics in northern California. Lawrence and his staff have been known to set the bar high in the graphics and were featured in a recent edition of ‘Wraps Magazine’ (Septem- ber / October 2008). One more piece of evidence that proves why Wrapped Graphics recognition continues to grow in the industry. Lawrence had done a handful of boat wraps and his unique attention to detail and ability to offer such a realistic paint effect on vinyl was really catching eyes and anglers. Lawrence credits much of his success to as he told Wraps magazine “The guy from came by and we did a job for him. They posted an article about the boat. Things really took off after that.” Boat and marine wraps may be the driving force behind the rapid growth of this upstart company, but their motto ‘You pick it, we’ll stick it’ is really catching onto some BIG projects. Wrapped Graphics recently did the Ace Commuter Train Locomotive. (Ace Train is a commuter express from Stockton Ca to San Jose Ca). “Yes this was a huge project. Needless to say the train project was the biggest challenge we had ever taken on,” said Lawrence. “At 82 feet long and 15 feet high, it was certainly a challenge, but one my wife and colleagues enjoyed taking on.” Vehicle wraps are a perfect fit for anglers looking to promote their current and potential sponsors on. With more and more Ameri- cans traveling by car, this creates a huge audience for your advertis- ing message. Vehicle graphics helps make Branding of a business easier, since one wrapped vehicle can generate up to 70,000 lasting visual reminders each day. It is easy to see why this cost effective advertising media works. For example an Arbitron Ratings Outdoor Advertising Study reported that 91% of people notice words and pictures when displayed on vehicles. To potential sponsors, a ve- hicle wrap is one of the best forms of advertising in the world and it is definitely one of the most cost efficient. This is important to a company just starting out, starting by advertising small; using the Internet and magazines in their target area of expertise along with a vehicle wrap is a great idea to get noticed by the masses. For related businesses, anglers are always driving around or parked on the water somewhere in a lot or even your own driveway, the vehicle wrap is an excellent way to have people notice the graphics can be invalu-

able to any size company. Vehicle wraps are like giant bill- boards, but with much more creativity, plus they move in and around your market area. They work every hour of every day, generating awareness for your company and are constantly reaching potential new customers. Wrapped Graphics can create graphics tailored to the indi- vidual needs. From a strong corporate look, to a custom look from the most imaginative mind, they also offer a warranty protection. Wrapped graphics uses the highest quality vinyl teamed with AV- ERY Graphics™ with the release of the MPI 1000 EZRS as well as the new DOL1000 for a HIGH GLOSS off the showroom shine finish. With business growing Lawrence wants his potential customers to know while Bass Boat wraps have been the starting point for much of the company’s success. There is so much more they can do, banners, signs, perforated window coverings, floor coverings and carpet kits all from this Stockton one stop shop. For more on Wrapped Graphics, visit their website at www. BW

May/June 2009