BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 72

guide perspective

With ross england


spring and early summer fishing is here! The number one thing that I like about moving out of the colder water of winter and early spring is now we can speed things up. We can begin to cover more water either looking for the most active fish or in search of a nice fish hanging around a bed. Almost the whole tackle box (old days) tackle boat (new days) comes into play now. Here on my home lake of Clear Lake in Northern California, the water level is 4 feet lower than normal which will really change the dynamics of fish location. That might not seem like a lot to those of you who fre- quent reservoirs such as Don Pedro, Oroville, and Shas- ta, but believe me it changes the whole picture here. A few areas that hold some monstrous bass on the north end of the lake literally do not have water on them, pe- riod. One of the interesting puzzles this will create this year is figuring out how fish will reposition themselves in the traditional spawning areas. Whether you like to fish for spawning bass or not, you still should want to spend your time fishing in spawning areas as that is where bass will be con-

centrated. To locate these areas, understand that bass prefer hard bottom areas. Here the preferred bottom composition can be rocks, the root systems of tules and trees, launch ramps, beaches, and bases of retaining walls. Start your search on banks with a good southern exposure that get sun most of the day.

After years of pointing to fish and trying to get cli- ents to see them I have come to the following conclu- sions.

1. All sunglasses are not created equally, get away from the cheap ones and invest in a good, major brand pair (Ocean Waves, Costa del Mar, Eye Surrender to name a few) with polarization and all the UV spec- trum protection. Your eyes will appreciate the comfort daily and you will avoid the long-term damage to which we anglers expose our precious vision.

2. If I can get you to believe you need a better pair of glasses, here comes the real sale point, you actually need two pair. I use three different lens color combina- tions because I have found that

seeing the Bass

Spawning bass may not always be this easy to see, the water may be too dirty, or the cover may not allow it. Using high quality sunglasses and search baits like frogs and swimbaits can make catching difficult spawners and easier task.



May/June 2009