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TA C K L E , TO O L S & G E A R

When Berkley introduced their Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon fishing line, they set a new standard for how Fluorocarbon lines handled. The strength of the line, coupled with incredible handle-ability made for a line that anglers felt comfortable flipping with, something most fluorocarbon users shied away from previously. Now, in keeping with the excellence of the Trilene fluorocarbon, Pure Fishing has released Spiderwire Ultracast Fluorocarbon, a whole new level in fluorocarbon fishing line. Spiderwire has long been known for strength and thin diameter, and this new line meets all of the requirements for being called Spiderwire. With its thin diameter and the ultimate in stealth, Ultracast Fluorocarbon allows anglers to use lines to their advantage in ways not previously experienced. The thin diameter will not only allow for a much more stealthy application for finesse and structure fishing applications, but anglers can use it to get greater depths from crankbaits and jerkbaits as well. Spiderwire Ultracast is the perfect complement to Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon, power and finesse in two complete packages, more reasons why Pure Fishing is a leader in fishing lines.

BerkleY trilene 100% FlUrocarBon and spi- derWire Ultracast FlUorocarBon

This is the bag used by the pros on the Bassmaster Elite Series and Women’s Bassmas- ter Tour, and is now the official weigh-bag of Anglers Choice pro ams. The Pro-Bag will give anglers piece of mind when transporting fish from livewell to weigh-in as the top of this durable, reinforced bag zips closed. Anglers simply fill the Gator Grip Pro Bag with water from the livewell, insert their winning fish, and zip it closed, no more worry about stumbles or drops causing loss of precious fish while transporting. The Gator Grip Mesh liner allows anglers to reduce the amount of time handling fish, which will not only protect the resource, but will help them save time as well. Simply place the fish inside the liner before placing in the Pro Bag, and the flow through material will al- low the fish to breathe easily, but allows water to drain quickly one removed from the water. The GG Mesh Liner can be moved from bump tank to bump tank in weigh-in lines, which also reduces the strain of lifting heavy bags of water that are required for big bags of trophy bass. Reduce stress on the fish, save pain from lifting heavy weights, and have confidence while transporting fish to the scales. Ga- tor Grip has thought of everything.

gator grip pro Weigh-in Bag and mesh liner

Rick Tietz continues to make products that solve angler’s problems, and the latest, his Weedless Paddle head is an example of that. Te popularity of hollow bodied swimbaits like the Basstrix has been unquestioned for the past few seasons. But, like so many industry in- novations there can be holes in the equations that lead to lost fish and missed opportunities. When coupled with a weighted wide gap hook like the Falcon Lures Bait Jerker, the Basstrix Paddletails are incredibly weedless, but their weedless nature also creates shortcomings on hookup. The phenomenon is significant enough that some anglers have turned to throwing flats jigheads, which sacrificed weedlessness, but improved hook up ratio. Seeing the problem, Tietz designed the Weedless Paddlehead, with an inline tie position, clear weedguard, and the perfect hook position, hollow bodied paddletail swimbaits can now go into wood, weeds and tules and come out perfectly, especially when they are impaled in the face of a lunker bass.

BladerUnner tackle Weedless paddle head

The Ardent SmartCull Professional Culling System is a first-of-its-kind, two-stage system that allows you to cull by color and weight. A series of six highly buoyant, impact- resistant balls eliminates the need for markers, charts or computers. The easy-to-read numbers record up to 15 pounds, 15 ounces, and setting weight on each ball is quick and simple. No more reweighing, extra handling or extra stress on fish. While SmartCull can be used individually as its own culling system, it can also be used as a backup system for other battery operated systems, using the SmartCull as an insurance policy to keep track of weights in case of technology failure. Now, thanks to SmartCull, it’s never been easier to make sure you’re keeping the best and getting rid of the rest.


ardent smartcUll


May/June 2009