BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 77

New for 2009, the Re- demption Spinnerbait is one of the baits that Skeet Reese used to win the 2009 Bassmas- ter Classic. When Skeet Reese set out to produce the ultimate spin- nerbait, he had to look no further than his own backyard. Together, Reese and Lucky Craft designed a unique spinnerbait incorporating Lucky Craft’s key engineering techniques and creative elements. Out of this spinnerbait dream comes the Redemption Series, one of the most exciting products to come from Lucky Craft in recent years. The Redemption Series is cutting-edge crankbait technology in a premium spinnerbait, and with Reese’s ideas and Lucky Craft’s en- gineering prowess, the high-performance, unique Redemption Series was born. The Redemption Spinnerbait has internal tungsten compo- nents, a sleek body design featuring Lucky Craft’s realistic colors, and bodies that mirror the most popular Lucky Craft crankbaits.

redemption spinnerBait BY lUckY craFt

Backing blindly down a dimly lit boat ramp in the early morning hours is now a thing of the past thanks to the White Night Rear Lighting System. White Night mounts to the back of a tow vehicle around the receiver hitch and illuminates the road when the vehicle is put in reverse. According to one northern California angler, Vernon Gallegos, an automotive mechanic who regularly competes in team tournaments on the California Delta, the White Night Rear Lighting System is easy to install and operate. “Every- thing necessary to use came in the package ,” said Gallegos. “The direction of the beam is perfect, right on the wheels of the trailer and to the outside with plenty of depth/reach; the White Night makes it a lot easier to back down levee launch ramps on the Delta.”

White night rear lighting sYstem

The 6-inch Weedless Huddleston Swimbait has the same action of the original if not more but now snag free. Designed by Ken Huddleston, one of the premier lure designers on the West Coast, the 6-inch Weedless Hud- dleston is an extremely versatile bait that can be worked through grass, wood, rock and any other cover you can imagine with ease. These snagless features along with a realistic subtle swimming action the Weedless Huddleston will draw aggressive strikes from big weary bass of bass hiding in the thickest cover. The head has an air pocket that compresses upon the strike to expose a large, heavy-duty 5/0 jig hook. While being fished the hook sits remains hid- den and snagless in this air pocket, but leaps from its hiding place to snare fish as they clamp down. The bait’s attention to detail is amazing from its lifelike colors to the recessed line tie. The 6-inch Weedless Huddleston Deluxe comes in two different rates of fall, ROF5 and ROF12.

6-inch Weedless hUddleston

There’s Simply Nothing like the Title SHot Jig! The patented Title SHot® Jig offers significant technological advancement in versatility and performance. The heart of the Title SHot® Jig is the patented Retainer/Guard System. When fish bite, the Retainer/Guard collapses rather than flexing, allowing the jig’s full bite to come into play. No fiber-guard bumping to impede jig consumption equals more hook-ups. The bullet style head is virtually weedless and features Mus- tad® Ultra Point wide gap hook. The Title SHot® Jig will not rotate on the retrieve, eliminating line twist, creating a super swimming jig. It is an excellent combination for rigging all soft plastic lures, including spider grubs, creature baits and tubes. Available in 1/16 (2/0 hook), 1/8, 3/16 (3/0 hook), 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 (4/0 hook) and 3/4 (5/0 hook) sizes and four HOT bass-n colors. Used and endorsed by Bassmaster Elite Series pros, Dave Wolak, Clark Reehm and Byron Velvick as well as Canada’s top tournament pro and television host Dave Mercer.

May/June 2009

Fin-tech title shot jig