BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 79


Everything in Texas is bigger, and the Talon Se- ries Texas Mop Jig is no exception. Made with an extra long, super thick skirt, it’s undulating action is perfect for enticing big bass to bite. The hand tied, triple wire wrapped skirts are a unique combination of round living rubber and silicone accents for the widest range of colors available on the mar- ket today. The inside layer of our custom skirts are trimmed short to expose the trailer, with the outer layer measuring a Texas Sized 5.5” long.


The 4-inch TRU-LIFE SWIMBAITS are a collaborative design created by Tru-Tungsten and swimbait kings Ish Monroe and Matt New- man. The 4-inch Swimbait comes in two ver- sions; a wake bait that takes 2 balls to become a slow fall bait and a slow fall bait that will take 2 balls to become a fast fall bait to get to those deeper fish.


With a sound history of tournament wins under its belt, this bait should be at the top of any fisherman’s list of go-to baits. Its life-like profile and wide selection of colors, make this bait adaptable to almost any fishing condition.



BASStrIx ExtrEME VIBrAtIoN tuBES are 4” long with


Roboworm EZ Shad Swimbaits exude all of the realism and quality that Robo- worm has become famous for. This is their first entry into the swimbait market and with the quality of this product it is sure to be a winner. Roboworm EZ-Shad Swim- baits are designed around 5/0 weighted offset shank hook and for best results use a 1/4 oz. weighted shank. The hook hides in a slotted belly and the hook up ratio is excellent.

a wider and taller profile than the original Basstrix. They are made to be rigged in conjunction with the Bladerunner Insert Head or KSH Custom Bait Weight. When rigged properly they vibrate and feel almost like a lipless crankbait on the end of your line.


The Basstrix Bait Fry features the flat hollow body style Basstrix lures made famous. The sides of the tube reflect light, giving the flashing appearance of scales on a real baitfish. The Bait Fry is made of soft plastic yet durable enough to catch several fish.


PoWEr tAckLE roDS

Power Tackle Rods offer premium freshwater rods and tackle for the discriminating fisherman that wants to bag the largest catch. The Power Tackle rods are known for their power, strength, and durability. Check out the rods page on this site for more details about some of our “power tackle”. Whether you are just out fishing with friends or competing in a tournament, Power Tackle rods won’t let you down. Elite Series pro Mark Menendez used Power Tackle Rods to win the second event n the 2009 Bassmaster Elite Series schedule at Lake Dardanelle.


The Optimum Baby Line Thru swimbait is designed to fish with a moderate to fast retrieve. The BLT features an ir- resistible tight body roll and pulsating tail kick that fish can’t resist. This bait is perfect for locating fish quickly by fan cast- ing in the shallows or slowly dragging in deeper areas. The Optimum Baby Line Thru offers a unique and simple way to be rigged. Run your line THRU the bait and tie on the Lazer Sharp treble hook. Bury the hook point into the belly. When the fish strikes the bait it will pull free allowing the bait to run up the line when fighting the fish thus saving the bait for future use. • 800-591-7171