BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 80


The JACKALL SQUAD MINNOW was created for ambitious fisherman. It includes Dart and Stop & Go action all in one. The Squad Minnow’s weight system is the reason why the minnow is able to create a great Darting action, but also once you stop your rod, the bait action quickly stops as well. The traditional jerk bait used to have only darting actions, however Jackall’s engineers have made it possible to have both actions! Squad Minnow’s JAckALL GIroN This bait is a big fish catcher. It looks fantastic in your hand and even weight system creates a stable balance in the water.

better in the water. The action of this bait is incredible. Tie one on to get that kicker fish in the boat. 4 new hot colors.


Kota Kiriyama used the Jackall Swimming Ninja to sack a 35 pound bag during the BASS Elite Series on Lake Amistad in 2008 and ultimately ran out of the baits as the fish destroyed what he had but he still man- aged a 12th place finish. The fishing world has been waiting for this bait to land ever since. The natural swimming motion of the bait coupled with a dead stick fall in front of followers was the key to enticing the big fish into committing. At six inches, the Swimming Ninja is sized right to be effective in any region, and besides, the Swimming Ninja is tournament tested and proven to put big fish in the boat!


Today’s bass anglers are faced with ever changing lures, lines and techniques. Many changes resulted from someone figuring out a better way to catch a tournament winning stringer or trophy bass of a life- time. The features and designs you will find on Dobyns Rods came straight from the best bass anglers in the world. We have many of the newly re-designed Dobyns Rods in stock and ready to ship.