BassWestUSA - May/June 2009, Page 81


Pre-spawn season is here, and as the big girls continue to move into the shallows looking to feed and spawn, swimbaits continue to fool the biggest, wariest of fish. The Baitsmith Magnum is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the most effective tools out there. The Baitsmith Magnum Trout is simply a beautiful bait, as lifelike in looks as one could imagine right up to the painted gills. It is well made and swims extremely well at all speeds. If your looking for a trophy bite the 9.5-inch Baitsmith Magnum is a swimbait you will want in your bag of weapons.


The IMA Skim- mer is unique among hard plastic topwater stickbaits in that only the IMA Skimmer has the slender body shape of a 5” soft plastic stickbait. This slim profile has proven to be one of the most appealing bass lure shapes ever. There’s a whole lot to be said simply for this slender profile and silhouette, and the IMA Skim- mer is really the only topwater hardbait that has it.


The Spro BBZ-1 Shad 4 inch was designed by Trophy bass hunter Bill Siemantel who spent two and a half years perfecting this swimbait. This bait is debatably the most realistic hard swimbait to come to the market. The bait comes in three different rates of fall, floater, slow sink and fast sink.

ArDENt xS1000

The Ardent XS1000 Free Spool Casting Reel is Ardent’s top of the line reel and is precision engineered for superior on the water performance. It’s designed for greater casting distance and maximum backlash resistance. The lightweight magnesium frame and ergonomic design ensures fatigue free fishing. The XS1000 is now fished by over 55 top rated professional and amateur tournament anglers including Bassmaster Elite Series Professionals Pete Ponds, Denny Brauer and James Niggemeyer.

tHE PoWELL roDS line has the right rod for whatever your

laser lures

All LaserLures feature a water-activated, computer- controlled laser beam infused into the most realistic, lifelike lure available. Have you ever played with a laser beam and noticed that it creates an intense hunting reaction in your cat or dog? Well, we discovered the same incredible, frenzied reaction with fish. It drives them wild! They chase the laser beam just like Fido does (so much that lasers have been banned from most major aquariums!) LASERLURE will produce over 80 hours of rod-bending, heart pumping action. The key is the focused, intense beam of laser light that does not diffuse as other light lure products do. Add the flashy red hooks that mimic an injured fish, the lifelike, detailed body style and 3-D eyes, and it’s a perfect combination for enticing and induc- ing fish strikes.


needs are. Each rod was developed with input from the best west- ern pros, making them the finest line of rods available today at any price. Powell has been commited to ofering the finest equipment and customer service to fishermen ac- cross the world. From Dropshot to Swimbaits and specialized cranking rods, Powell covers the entire spectrum. The Lightest, Most Durable Rods In The Industry! • 800-591-7171