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I just wanted to say what a great TOC we had at Gunters- ville Alabama. Unfortunately for us our boat went down on Day One. I just wanted to thank the folks from Legend Boats, espe- cially Cindy Van Horn. She ar- ranged for us to use Jenny Nevens (WBT Pro) boat for Day Two. I am a Ranger pro staffer but I have to tell you I was blown away by the ride, handling, and speed of the Alpha 199. It only had a 200 HP Mercury on it! But we still passed like five boats, each time my part- ner and I would just grin. GREAT BOAT and great people represent- ing them! Thank you all for a won- derful event, and thanks for spon- soring Anglers Choice. DC, No address

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living the dream

fishing, or Legends of Bass Fishing? Seemed out of place, just my .02 TO, San Diego CA

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legends of the sport

TO - I’m not surprised to hear cran you feel that way! In fact out of 40,000 kin’ copies I thought I might have more than one reader make that state- hitch ment. Whether no one else put their up and on ad the out keyboard or it was fingers he just well received I don’t know. We do however appreciate your opin- ion. Let me tell you my reasoning. While Patrick Sebile may not be a mainstream name here in the USA, he is one of the most popular an- glers worldwide. His accomplish- ments are incredible. He may be the best overall angler in the world insid e ... Patrick’s rise to right I find U. now! s. Ang le r’s ch oic e co ver fame in the U.S. very Age fitting, he does things differently from some of our conventional thoughts. His success with Sebile reflects this outside of the box thinking. If guys keep winning tournaments on his lures you may have to re- think your statement. JC

DC - Thanks for the kind words; everyone at Legend Boats and Anglers Choice greatly ap- preciates it! Those are some great girls, and you’re right, incredible boats! JC

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