BassWestUSA - July/August, 2009, Page 44

Photo by Dan O’Sullivan

D&L Bill Lowen Swim Jig Collection

water, but then if you see a piece of cover you can let it fall. It’s an amazing way to locate fish.” “Once you find them, there may be a better way to catch them,” Roumbanis said, but as a search bait it’s virtually un- equalled. Even when he’s had high finishes in tournaments primarily on other lures, often times the jig is the unsung hero from practice. He ties it on when the water temperatures hit 55 degrees and it doesn’t come out of the rod locker until the end of the fall. It particularly excels when fish are active, but not quite aggressive enough to hit a topwater.”

Fred Roumbanis Enters 2009 Classic Day Two Weigh-in.



July/August 2009

Photo by Dan O’Sullivan