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BassWestUSA brought together three editorial friends and colleagues to present our readers with their favorites from ICAST. Alan Clemons, a respected veteran fishing industry journalist, and Editor of The Fishing Wire, Terry Brown, another industry stalwart and President of Wired2Fish, and Dan O’Sullivan, BassWestUSA’s Field Editor and Marketing Manager. Picking a handful of new lures from the wealth of presentations wasn’t easy, but here are those that caught their eyes.

alan CleMons’ piCks

seBile spin sHad

The design looks so simple one wonders whether it could at- tract a bass. But looks are deceiving and this latest Rage Series addition indeed will lure Mr. Largemouth. It’s 5 inches long with a pliable body capable of holding a 4/0 hook trailed by an undulating tail with the charac- teristic “Rage” lip on the edge. With even minimal action the tail wiggles wildly. Work it on top or on a Carolina-rig, or even as Texas- rigged pitch bait.

strike king eeliMinator

If you like throwing lip- less crankbaits and remember the days when an inline spinner or tail-spin bait was in your tackle arsenal, Sebile’s hot little hybrid bait will be worth a hard look. The body is carefully designed to resemble a bait fish and is made of bismuth, a dense and non-toxic metal used to make hunting ammunition, among other things. The Spin Shad’s realism is sharp, with a great body (which has a treble hook on the belly) taper- ing to a tail to which a swivel is molded. A split ring holds a second treble and flashy minnow-shaped blade that swings and looks like a trailing baitfish. Weights will be about 3/4 and 1 1/2 ounces, so you can work the Spin Shad in deep situations.

If you’re a fan of creature baits for pitching, Texas-rigging or even Carolina- rigging, the new Mad Paca (and smaller Baby Mad Paca) can’t be ignored because they feature the flapping action that the Paca Craw is famous for. They come in 5.5- and 4.5-inch sizes with a solid body designed with two small upper arms, the claws at the rear and a pair of thin curly tail trailers coming out of the tail. Throw them by themselves or add the Mad Paca to a jig as a trailer, and hang on.

netBait Mad paCa

Veteran pro angler Ish Monroe of California tweaked the popular Snag Proof frog to his specifications and pro- duced a winner. Outstanding features include a heavier weight – about .67 of an ounce – set in the rear to make the nose ride higher, a flatter profile and legs set farther back and centered on the rear for a sleeker profile. Two other super tweaks are a tighter seal at the nose and a sealed internal tube surrounding the dual Gamakatsu EWG hook shanks to keep water from entering the body, eight new colors include Sexy Ish, Iced Out and Buck Nasty.

snag prooF isH’s pHat Frog

These plastic boxes and internal sealable tubs are de- signed for baits such as Big Bait Baits, Gulp! and Trigger-X to keep messes at a minimum. The Liqua-Bait systems are air and water tight with tough sealable lids and even have a “bait grabber” so you don’t have to stick your fingers in the juice.

plano liqUa-Bait loCker systeM



September/October 2009