BassWestUSA - September/October, 2009, Page 82

JACkALL Tn serIes LIPLess CrAnkbAIT

The touring pros secret vibration bait. Having the tungsten metal weight on the outside lip allows for more room for the lure to make a rattling vibration. TN Series is designed to have the best balance so the lure can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speeds for especially tough conditions. It also has been designed to have long distance casting abil- ity so you can cover more water and catch more fish! Jackall’s specially designed weighted system makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up at the bottom. This will create less snagging than traditional types of lipless crankbaits.

JACkALL sk-POP grAnde

The SK-Pop Grande is counter weighted and cast like a bullet. It has an incredible spitting action and creates big sounds from a small size bait. High quality finishes and ultra sharp hooks along with a feathered treble. If you like top water poppers you definitely need to add the Jackall SK-Pop Grande to your arsenal.

IMA Lures rATTLIn’ rOuMbA

Ima Lures and Elite Series Pro Fred Roumbanis have done it again with their new Rattlin’ Roumba. Like the original Roumba; a wake bait that anglers use to slow roll across the surface over shallow cover to elicit explosive strike, the Rattlin’ Roumba has all of the same characteristics, but brings the added attraction of rattles to the equation. The Rattlin’ Roumba comes with quality components including Owner treble hooks, and is available in six totally new colors.


The Jackall Bowstick 130 is truly a big bass topwater bait. This bait features a spe- cially designed gill tunnel which allows water to flow through it creating additional topwater turbulence and a unique sound. The Jackall Bowstick 130 has a loud internal rattle which will call up those lumbering giants. Its inter- nal weight system allows you to cast this bait long distances even in the wind. The weight- ing system also allows the bait to sit lower in the water and to maintain a great walk the dog action even when the water isn’t smooth.

dObYns rOds ChAMPIOn serIes

Today’s bass anglers are faced with ever changing lures, lines and techniques. Many changes resulted from someone figuring out a better way to catch a tournament winning stringer or trophy bass of a lifetime. The features and designs you will find on Dobyns Rods came straight from the best bass anglers in the world. We have many of the newly re-designed Dobyns Rods in stock and ready to ship.


September/October 2009

sAMe dAY shIPPIng!!!