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July/August 2009

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TG - Well since I represent one of the major sponsors of Anglers Choice, and I am re- sponsible for working directly with the amount of prize boats being given away, I think I can shed some light on this. The bot- tom line is the economy! At Leg- end Boats we have been very fortunate to be a smaller and up coming company right now. But while we have not been so affected as many of the larger companies, we do have to tight- en our belts. Now AC has done a great job in adding additional prize money to offset this. And remember your on site paybacks are still the best in the country. But as sales have fallen for most of the fishing industry we do have to look at the return on our investment. I would suggest this to every AC member, if you want larger in- vestments from sponsors, than support the companies supporting you. Tell all your friends what you already know! That AC provides the best run team events in the country. That BTD gets you the product you want fast and at the lowest prices. If you’re looking for a boat than look at a Legend/Mercury package, better quality and a better price. Believe me we would love to give away 20 boats a year but we need your help to do so. JC

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in 5 or 6 different regions and there are a lot of derby partici- From joe pants with some pretty accolades. FLW champions To p impressive ro es Nig even gemeyer Bass Master Classic contenders. WON champions Jam and The Last event I fished in the Lake Powell region had two Clas- sl oW sic contenders, three BASS d AYs Nationals contenders, and two Top Fly Fish ing For of Bass Fishing. 3 finishers Open sum m er at the US Bass In Oregon sec rets Lake Powell is actually one the smaller regions, so when BASS DON’ you hit Mead, Clear Lake, and the Delta it gets even T WA NT YO U TO kN Havasu, OW inside... more mind-boggling. So while I feel your pain, the truth is U.s. Angler’s choice coverAge Anglers Choice events draw the best team anglers in an area, and every region is highly competitive. Now as we have ex- panded to over 60 plus circuits nationwide, it really has be- come hard to fit them all in every issue. Tony and I try to pick a few circuits from every region and rotate them equal- ly throughout the year. Now I am not implying the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but if you go to the Anglers Choice section of this issue you will see some great coverage on the southwest. JC


I’m not sure if this is the place to voice my opinion, but I just wanted to point out that I’m sad to see that a few of the cham- pionships have cut the number of prize boats we are fishing for! It seems to me that the entry fees are the same, but what were fishing for in less. Just my .02!! TG - Simi Valley, CA

“The Bait That Strikes Back”

Black Blue/Nickel

Chartreuse Char/Nickel

White Red/Nickel

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September/October 2009