BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 12

national report

Jarrett edwards

many companies in this fishing game the last 18 months have been tough. Heck for the last 18 months businesses in most industries are bru- tal tough as we all know. However let’s not forget that in the fishing industry we sell FUN. FUN that you want to do with the family, compete at a tournament or just fun bragging rights with a buddy. Our business is different though, we sell entertainment, pastime and relaxation for many. You do not have to fish – you


rebound or roadblock?

choose to fish and this is what is saving our industry in today’s tough times. Recent I-Cast reports from some of the largest tackle manufacturers indicate a strong 2010 season for the bass market! Speaking with many companies I have re- alized that they might not be having record sales (even though some are) but sales are improving from the 2008 season. For many manufacturers in the industry they believe that tough times like this last 18 months are over! This is great news to hear optimism in today’s negative world.

According to industry leader the American Sportfishing Association fishing license sales were up 7.7 percent in 2009. The ASA stated that this has been the largest increase in license sales since the 1970’s! This alone is great news at more anglers are hitting the water now then ever before. Consider this, in 2008 alone 600 million dollars was brought to table from fishing license sales to increase revenue for many state and wildlife revenue. While terminal tackle is holding this industry together its still a tough world for the marine industry. Many negative factors from banks not lending finances to petroleum based products doubling in cost are to blame. Financing seems to be a major issue for both the buyers and the manufacturers trying to maintain floor- ing for the dealers. We all know of some awesome powerhouse boat dealers that have gone under due to many factors. Sad times for sure but sales are slowly turning around here. During these tough times many boat and motor manufactur- ers are turning to more bang for the buck type combos. What used to be major op- tions are now standard packages for many companies giving you the buyer that extra incentive to purchase. I’m a positive thinker throughout most situations. In my short 30 years of life I have seen very little cycle in the economy that has not come back to normal. Some- times it’s a new normal but things do turn around and come back. I personally be- lieve from my standpoint that we are mov- ing forward in many positive aspects as a sport. I see more families fishing, more friends recreating on the water all do to the fact that our sport is less expensive then many others. From a business standpoint I can tell you that our partners are more aggressive in their marketing strategies, they look to gain market share and keep it. I personally am very excited to head into our third year of TV. The last two seasons have been awesome and I’m so proud to represent internationally exclusive western waters. As the sport show season is creep- ing up quickly I look forward to meeting many of you soon. Thanks for reading and God Bless! BW



November/December 2009