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on Tour wiTh MihATchii hooks

u o Y by D.B. Jackson

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a quality hook is a combination of science and art. With that in mind Fish Harder Companies, LLC has made major changes within their hook division. According to the company, “Fish Harder Companies, LLC, distributor of the Youvella USA and MiHatchii hook brands has announced the consolidation of all hook production under the MiHatchii brand name. “To maintain quality control and production capacity it just makes more sense to go forward with only one brand – MiHatchii – for all our premium hooks. MiHatchii is the only hook manufacturer offering pro designed, pro tested and pro approved hooks. We want to take advantage of that. Every chemically sharpened needlepoint MiHatchii hook has a unique design to help our anglers do what they do best – catch more fish! “MiHatchii hooks – leading the way in sharpness, strength and innovation. Our pro’s put their name on them!” Here’s a review of some of their offerings, what the company has to say about them and a few words from their pro staff:


The OWG hook is an improvement over the original Wide Gap Hook, made popular in the 1990’s. For many years the pro anglers have been bending their wide gap hooks to im- prove there hooking percentage. That’s no longer necessary. The OWG comes right out of the package ready to catch fish. The OWG will be offered in a thin wire version and a heavy wire version. “Our pros designed the OWG (offset wide gap) so that the point of the hook rides slightly out of alignment with the hook’s shaft,” says Tom Branch, Jr., Pro Staff Manager for Fish Harder Com- panies, LLC. “Our pros told us that they were bending the points on existing hooks to accomplish the same thing. The problem with that, of course, is that anytime you bend a high carbon piece of steel you weaken it. Our hooks are ready to go out of the package without the need for any angler modification.”


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Once you use The Little Flip hook you’ll quickly realize it’s the best small flipping hook you’ve ever used. It’s made to flip small creature baits with a Tru-Tungsten weight and heavier tackle. The Little Flip is designed with a straight shank hook and a soldered bait keeper. This avoids weakening the hook – as is the case with other construction methods – and allows the angler to exert maximum pressure on the fish during the hookset and the fight. “This is a hook we’ve needed for a long- time. The Little Flip will let you fish small baits i n heavy cover without the fear of losing a big fish because you put too much pressure on the hook,” says Greg Hackney, seven-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and winner of this year’s $500,000 FLW Forest Wood Cup. “It’s a small hook so it’ll work perfectly with finesse style baits. But, it’s built heavier than most small hooks so it’ll stand up to heavy-duty fishing. It’ll let you pressure a fish in nasty cover with- out the problems associated with thin wire hooks, problems like straightening them out or breaking them off just when you need them the most. “I use it with any test weight monofilament or fluorocarbon line. As a professional bass angler, it’s something I’ve needed – and been waiting for – for a longtime. It’s going to make a big difference in my fishing.”

The Pro Flip hook is not your standard flip- ping hook. The pro staff at MiHatchii designed a worm hook that is radically different from anything on the market. This hook has a unique bend at the eye that helps keep your bait in place, even under the tough- est fishing conditions. “What I like about The Pro Flip is that I can handle heavy cover without hanging my hook, my bait or my fish in the cover,” says Peter “T” Thlive- ros, who stands as one of the all-time BASS money winners at $1,800,000.

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November/December 2009