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“We designed this hook with a barb and a keeper. That locks everything in place and helps avoid hang-ups when you’re fishing really heavy stuff like we find here in my home state of Florida. “Just as important, though, our specially designed eye keeps the eye away from everything. And, it’s also designed to allow con- ventional tying with monofilament and fluorocarbon, or snelling with braided lines which has become popular with professional an- glers on the tour over the last few years.”

This hook has been designed with the plastic swimbait angler in mind, specifically the hollow- belly swimbait angler. This one’s big, and it’s sharp. The Swimbait Hook comes with a keeper attached directly to the eye of the hook so that you can fasten the bait to the hook with the screw lock device. Your swimbait will not come off your hook. The pro anglers designed a deep throated hook so that you can get more hook in the fish when they bite your bait. “This hook is the product of many months, and countless hours of fishing. It’s designed to be used with hollow- belly style plastic swimbaits,” says Ish Monroe, six-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier and winner of numerous FLW professional tour events. “Now – finally – bass anglers have a hook that’ll work efficiently with big baits and the big, tackle busting giant bass that we’re all after. “And, because it rigs your bait truly weedless and doesn’t damage it you’ll save a ton of money using The Swimbait Hook. Let’s face it, those lures are not inexpensive. Saving money is something we all need to do in this economy.”

the Pro SWimBait hook

host of ESPN’s popular saltwater fishing show, Going Coastal with Byron Velvick. They are tournament tested and approved and offer some of the widest gaps available anywhere, anytime, anyplace. All models are offset less than one percent and are designed with the point 90 degrees back to the hook shank. They are truly an exercise in fishing efficiency. “These hooks are great. It would be difficult to overstate the importance of the adjust- able bait stopper that’s on some of them. The bait can’t ride up and ruin the angle of pen- etration of the hook,” says Velvick. “And, the efficien- cy of this thing is unbe- lievable. I can’t believe how much differ- ence it makes in my fishing, or should I say catching? It’s exactly what we need for fishing saltwater tournaments and in areas where circle hooks are now the law of the water.” There you have it – a quick overview of the new offerings from MiHatchii. Give a couple of them a try the next time you’re on the water. (According to Tim Norman, President of Sales and Marketing for MiHatchii, they’re all in stock and ready to ship.) BW

These hooks are some of the best saltwater hooks on the market. They feature a tough – darn near indestructible – stain- less steel construction and some of the sharpest points avail- able. That means they’ll easily penetrate the rock hard mouths of trophy size billfish as well as other monster saltwater game fish, essentially eliminating the possibility of losing the fish of a lifetime. “We’re really proud of this line of hooks,” says Tim Norman, President of Sales and Marketing for MiHatchii. “They’ll take the abuse that big saltwater fish dish out on a regular basis. We think they’re the best big game hooks available anywhere in the world. And, considering how long they’ll last they’re surprisingly inexpensive. “We’re hearing other stories about their use, too. It seems that a number of bass anglers are using them to handle monster largemouths such as those found in Florida, Texas and California. We’ll have more to say about that in the near future.”

the BiG Game StainleSS Steel hook

the Wide Bite CirCle hook

Some sizes of the MiHatchii Wide Bite Circle Hooks come equipped with a patented adjustable bait stopper which keeps the bait from riding up your line while you are fishing. The Wide Bite Circle Hook was designed by Byron Velvick, Bassmaster Elite Series angler, Bassmaster Classic qualifier and

November/December 2009