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[FrOM LEFt tO right] • 1976 Classic Champion • 1977 Classic Weigh-in • 2001 Megabucks Weigh-in • rick Clunn on Stage

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according to online dictionaries, the term ‘legend’ has several meanings, it can mean; ‘an unverified story handed down from earlier times, especially one popularly believed to be historical.’ it might mean; ‘an explanatory table or list of the symbols appearing on a map or chart.’ or in the case of the bass fishing world, a ‘legend’ is; ‘one that inspires legends or achieves leg- endary fame.’ a legend of the sport is someone who has made significant contributions or achieved uncommon accomplishments en route to leaving an indelible mark on the history of the sport. these are individuals who have set new standards, created new trends and driven the bar to new heights as they have blazed the trails of their careers. Without these individuals, the sport of bass fishing would have nothing to measure itself against. the industry, minus their involvement, would likely be in a much less advanced state than it is. the drive of dominating competition, on and off the water has left a trail of history that many are witness to, yet few are a component of. one of those anglers is rick Clunn of ava, missouri.

To say that Rick Clunn’s career has been inspirational to many anglers would be an understatement. The fishing world is full of anglers who decided to compete because of Clunn’s suc- cess in tournaments on the sport’s biggest stages. While it would be hard to measure the actual number of an- glers that would state Clunn as the reason they got into competi- tive angling, there is a cache of information available with which

Clunn by the numberS

to place a statistical measurement on his career. Which, may be quite literally the most remarkable career of any angler, ever. The most obvious number with which to measure Clunn’s impact on the sport of professional bass fishing would be four; his four Bassmaster Classic titles. He won the event back to back in 1976, and 1977, then in 1984 and again in 1990. He is the only angler to have won the Classic more than twice, and his 32 appearances in the event is the most by any angler in the 39 year history of the event.

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