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While many anglers consider finding themselves a place to sleep, Clunn began to think about a place for his boat to rest. “Finding parking for a boat is not always an easy thing in a place that doesn’t always make consider- ations for bass boats,” he said. “That and finding suitable electricity of charging is another factor.” What he found was that he could rent a campsite, the boat would fit, and he could sleep in the back of his tow ve- hicle. “I’ve had vans and trucks, and to this day, I still sleep on a futon type bed in the shell of my truck with my tackle,” he said. “I’ve tried hotels, and even tried a large trailer with sleeping quarters, and I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be a gypsy, I should sleep like one.” What he found as an added benefit was that he was able to stay aware of the conditions at the lake. If it was hot or cold, he could become acclimated to the conditions, if it began to rain or became windy, he would hear it. “I found that my body and my senses stayed much more in tune with my surroundings than it would if I was in a hotel,” Clunn said. “So, I choose a campground that has a shower and power to charge my boat. I go to sleep when it gets dark, I stay more aware, face fewer distractions and stay rested; it’s the best situation for me.”

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In 2005, Clunn was named the greatest bass angler in the world by bass fishing fans who took part in ESPN’s Greatest An-

greateSt angler in the wOrlD

mer is a harsh place; just the el- ements alone create more than just a competitive difficulty; it can be downright dangerous.” Clunn said that the U.S. Open has been the only tourna- ment he has trained himself for, both physically as well as men- tally. His opinion leads him to say that the event comes close to being the perfect tournament. “Local help is of little use during the Open; Lake Mead is the type of fishery that nobody could tell from one day to the next where it will be won,” he said. “The fairness of the lake, along with the environmental conditions and the field make it the most competitive tournament in the world; if not the perfect tournament.” He also said that he feels that no angler has the right to call himself the best in the world without having won the U.S. Open. “I really believe that the U.S. Open is a measuring stick for every angler,” said Clunn. “I think that even today, with its shared weight format, it is an event that every world class angler should compete in; and that nobody can call themselves the best in the world until they have won it.”

Clunn has long been known as the angler who camped out at tournaments. While initially it was out of necessity, it became something he did to help him stay acclimated to his surround- ings. “I started out camping because it was a way to conserve money,” said Clunn. “But, as I started being able to afford the cost of hotel rooms, I started seeing that there were benefits to camping.”

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