BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 42

Hart & Zank m a e T r e p u S s ’ l SoCa

By Terry Battisti

the last 30 or so years of team tournaments in southern California, there have been a few teams that have shined above the rest. The first that comes to mind was the team of Dick Trask and Scott Gantz. When they showed up with the little red MonArk for registration, you knew they were going to be a formidable force and probably take some, if not all, of your money. About 10 years later there was the mother-son team




of Aaron and Carol Martens who, during their time on the WON Bass circuit, won more first-place trophies than any other team before them. Now, in the 2000s, another team has risen to the top of the heap – but in a much more dramatic fashion. Mike Hart and John “Zank” Viazanko have only been a team since 2006 but in that time they’ve amassed 4 AOY titles and out of 47 tournaments fished, they have won 23 times and placed in the top 5 an

amazing 41 times. They really turned up the heat this year winning both the Nation- al Bass West (599 out of a possible 600 points) and WON Bass AOY awards (won by nearly 70 points) and placed 5th for AOY on the Angler’s Choice trail after missing a tournament. To say they’re dominating the southern California region would be a vast understatement. So what makes them such a formida- ble team and how do they stay consistent from tournament to tournament, year to

November/December 2009