BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 51

Before the amputation was made, a visiting doctor was called to look at Hilton and he determined that it was possible to save the arm. “The amazing thing is that this doctor was at the airport waiting to fly back to New York when they called him back to the hospital to work on me,” Hilton said. After successful surgery to reattach the arm and a two week stay in the hospital, Hilton began the long process of physical therapy, which eventually allowed him to regain 90% of the use in his right arm.

It was during this recuperation period that Hilton, who worked as a tooling and manufacturing engineer at the time, began to think about boating safety and experiment with shut off switches for engines on bass boats. Within several months of the accident, Hilton dedicated almost all of his time towards developing a safety device that would kill the engine should the driver be ejected from the boat. “I went at it pretty hard core,” said Hilton. “During this whole pe-

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November/December 2009