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believe I am saying it, but 2009 has al- most come to a close. Honestly, I am not even sure where it went. As I write this I am finally home after being on the road four out of the last six weeks, the trees are changing and the first snow flakes of the year are fly- ing here in Utah. But, dang it all I can think about is going fishing some more!! What it is about this sport that is so addicting? Actually that’s a pretty rhetori- cal question for just about every one read- ing this. But, I was asked that the other day and started thinking about it. I think for me it’s a mixture of the power under you when 250 horses of Mercury ProXS are pushing my Alpha 211 up the lake first thing in the morning. It’s running over three footers trying to get your catch back in time. It’s the competition of the day; the pride in bringing a huge sack to the scales. The scenery, the drives, the new faces, new lakes, old friends, and I haven’t even talk- ed about actually fishing yet!!! It’s the culling and the kicker, the trophy and the check, the cast and the net!! It’s really everything!! I am not even talking about the ac- tual fishing because I like it all. I know we all have our favorite technique, but every time I decide that frogs or top water is my favorite way to catch ‘em, I go out smoke them on a blade or jig and utter some statement “ man there is nothing better than the tap-tap on a jig, or I swear they hit blades harder than anything!!” No, I love about every way there is to catch a bass and I think most of you would agree, that any fish that pulls back is a “Good One”.

bAck To MY originAL ques- Tion, whAT is iT AbouT This sporT ThAT is so AddicTing? Whatever it is, thankfully, people are starting to remember apparently. Earlier this spring I wrote about the economy, overall numbers of fishing license holders steadily declining, tourism numbers down etc. Then, in the second half of the year bi-annual reports start coming in, and are you kidding me fishing licenses are up almost 10 percent across the na-

i cAn’T

tion? Camping and camp ground atten- dance is through the roof? I don’t have an explanation. Is it that folks are getting back to the grass roots of the outdoors? Or the overall inexpensive- ness of going fishing has made it once again more attractive than a posh hotel in Cancun? As I pondered the more than four million new license holders out loud, some- body in the peanut gallery at this year’s US Open popped off that it’s because everyone is laid off and has time to go fishing again. Someone else suggested that Game Wardens had cracked down, and all the lo- cal poachers actually had to fork out to go fishing this year. Both were pretty funny statements and maybe even slightly true. But, the fact remains people are getting outdoors! This is encouraging for every manufacturer out there; could it be that the future is already starting to brighten? I don’t know about you but I sure hope so, in fact I am finding myself approaching the New Year with increased optimism. Sure where I live I may have slap my butt on a slab of ice for a couple months if I want to feel that tap-tap on the end of my line. But that can’t be any worse than Tammy Morrow beating up the urban ponds in Southern California to cure her fever. Leave those fish alone Tammy!! It’s really been a great year, and from everyone at Bass West we hope you have the greatest of holidays. We also hope you have enjoyed the changes to the publi- cation, I think this was by far the best year in the history of Bass West. Mark, Tony, Dan, and I look forward to seeing you on the water next year, and if not will see you right here in the black and white. happy holidays to you and yours! JC