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Introducing the New Rico Suave’

T he ultimate “Walking Bait”

mixin’ it up

elite SerieS pro Mark tyler

know more about fishing now than I ever tion. That is what separates the field. I have. I have more tricks, techniques, hot don’t think there are many secret lures left lures and knowledge of bass behavior out there. However, I do like to continually than I did ten years ago. The problem is… search for products that are new and dif- SV-562 Blue Chartreuse my competition knows most of those tricks , 1/2 oz. ferent. Trying to stay ahead of the curve, 4 1/2” topwater, and techniques as well, I #2 don’t think there front & #4 back hooks and ahead of what the fish have seen, is a secret lure anymore. Everybody has a is an important part of being a success- pretty similar looking tackle box. ful angler in today’s competitive fishing. As a tournament angler, what sepa- For example, this year one of my “secret” rates the good from the broke is generally baits was swimming a jig. Nothing really not what you’re using, but how and where new there, but the subtlety of it was in the you’re using it. In professional golf all play- product itself. I used a JigX, which has a ers have the same set of tools, driver thru thru the head design for the line tie. It not pitching wedge. There are no secret clubs, only makes it great for coming thru cover yet one man always seems to win. Just completely weedless, but changes the pull- having the right club, or in our case the“hot point of the line that creates a freer action. lure”, is not enough. It’s all about applica- What drove the action, and was the key to this swim jig is the trailer I use. I put a small 3.5” Double Diamond by Optimum Baits on the back of the jig as a trailer. The Double Diamond has great tail kick, but most importantly it cre- ates a side to side roll as well. A dual action motion unlike anything I have seen, and more important- ly, the fish have seen. Why would I give –up one of my favor- ite baits in a maga- zine? Remember there is no cure-all still have to apply it right if you’re going to beat me on tournament day! So, if the secret to success is all in the application of our tools, will some- body please tell me if I’m doing it right? This is where we reach a grey area



in bass fishing. There are a lot of ways to do things. In golf, the swing is pretty ba- sic, and you get immediate feed back. If you shank one into the woods, you know that you’re doing something wrong. In fish- ing, you can cast prettier than the pros all day long, but it may take all day to realize you’re off target. Feed back in fishing is not instan- taneous. It’s a slow constant feed back based on whether we’re catching anything or not. In order to get the application right for that day, you must Mix-It-Up constantly! Continually change your retrieve, weight of lure, shape of lure, color, sound, etc. The three most important compo- nents I try to figure out first are speed, profile, and color. Getting the speed right is very important because it directly cor- relates to the mood of the fish. With a little mental discipline you can continually mix- up your speed of retrieve, and monitor the results. Another component of getting the speed right is the rate of fall your bait has. Many times I will have several rods rigged with the same lure, but different weights on them. Find one that matches the ag- gressiveness of the fish, and you’re on your way. When I talk about getting the profile right, it is really just another word for get- ting the size and shape of your bait right for current conditions. If the swim jig is getting results... great…if it is not, I’ll be quick to start changing things to get the profile right. Maybe I need a bigger bait, or maybe I need to trim the skirt super small. It’s all trial and error to get the application right for that day. Point being…at the end of the day you should have a mound of different bait sizes, shapes, and colors on the floor of your boat. This is a huge piece of advise that took my stubborn little brain years to learn. I hope you read it twice! The more you continually change things thru the course of the day, the better you increase your odds of figuring out the subtleties. bw


November/December 2009