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Sunline Shooter Invisible camouflage line is made for high pressure situations and ulti- mate line invisibility. This fluorocarbon line has a three color line in every spool consisting of grays, greens and browns. By using three colors any direct line image scene by weary fish is broken up and blends with the cover you’re fishing. The company suggests tying your lure to the green section when fishing grass, the gray section when fishing rocks and the brown for fishing around wood. The multi colored fluorocarbon also prevents light transfer through the line. Clear fluoro- carbon is nearly invisible but there are situations when the sun hits the line at a correct angle and the light feeds through the fluorocarbon similar to a fiber optic cable. This multi colored fluorocarbon eliminates this issue and offers the highest degree of invisibility in a fluorocar- bon line. This is serious line for serious fisherman. Available in sizes from 4 to 25-pound – test, Sunline is the brand of choice for many top Elite Series and FLW Tour pros, it is designed to handle light line finesse as well as heavy handed flippin’ duties.

sunline shOOter invisible

Paycheck Baits Punch Skirts fished with your fa- vorite plastic and tungsten punch weights offer big bass a meal they seem to prefer. The combinations of plastics and hooks are only limited to your imagina- tion. If you punch thick vegetation the Pay Check Punch Skirt it a must have in your arsenal. That being said the skirt is not limited to punching mats, just use your imagination and you may just come up with a winner.

The official scent of Bassmaster Elite Series pro James Niggemeyer, BioEdge produces a range of powerful fish attracting scents which stimulate fish feeding. All of these products will help to attract fish, mask unwanted scents like gas and sun screen, stimulate fish to strike and provoke the fish to hold on to your lure. They are extracted from a range of natural baits with no artificial ingredients, from crayfish to shad to smelt and even frog, Bio Edge has the scent you need in one of two effective forms. BioEdge Potions are highly concentrated solutions of oils, pheromone, enzymes, amino acids and natural feeding stimulants. Each is available in a 2oz squirt bottle. Potions can be applied to live or cut baits, flies and soft plastic lures. Marinate soft plastics with a squirt of BioEdge Potion and they will absorb and slowly release powerful bait extracts for hours. A pipe cleaner soaked in the Potion and inserted into a tube lure has proven deadly on striped bass. BioEdge Wands are made with the same concentrated oils plus a solidifying agent. Very similar to a glue stick in function, they are mess free and do not spill. You can quickly and eas- ily coat your metal or hard plastic lures, sinkers, leaders and other terminal tackle with 100% natural long lasting fish attracting scent.

payCheCk baits punCh skirt

biO edGe sCents

Dye sublimated have become the most popular tournament jerseys because of the crispness of Big Bear Rods are the graphics, their light weight and wrinkle made with high-modulus graph- free look. The Winning Team has been ite. These rods are lightweight and responsible for the professional ap- have maximum sensitivity. They are pearance of the teams on the FLW Tour, The FLW College Series available in two series, the Big Bear and and an authorized provider for the Bassmaster Elite Series. Big Bear Pro, which feature different com- Now, thanks to their new online design shop, individual ponent packages. Both of them feature the anglers can create their own look on a case by case company’s exclusive and unique grip design. basis. Orders can be a few as one jersey, and they The Big Bear Grip design allows anglers to make have a special discount for students fishing longer more accurate casts and solid more powerful in their college’s bass fishing teams. The hook sets without limiting sensitivity or increasing weight. It Winning Team has also recently added also helps to reduce hand fatigue and performs incredibly in wet hooded sweatshirts to their lineup, and cold conditions. The grips are made from a secret synthetic allowing anglers to have that rubber formula using dual ply technology. The inside is hard for maxi- custom, professional look mum sensitivity and durability. The outside is firm and textured for extra of their jersey on cool rod control and comfort. The Big Bear Series ranges in price from $160 to mornings. $185 while the Pro Series retails between $240 to $300.


biG bear rOds

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