BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 79

Jointed swimbaits have become the rage as Elite Series pros showed their effectiveness at blue back herring dominated lakes in the south- east over the past couple of seasons. Strike King Lure Company, not one to do anything half heartedly or to skimp on quality introduced their Sexy Swimmer at ICAST, and it fills a need. Sexy Swimmer is a double jointed, 5” long, 5/8-ounce long swimbait that sinks at a medium clip and stays steady upon the retrieve. Ghost Minnow has become one of the industry’s number one sellers, and one of the best producers on the water, and leave it to Strike King to take it to an attractive new level. Sexy Shad became a phenomenon when Kevin VanDam began dominating the tour with the color, and now Sexy Ghost Minnow combines the best of two of the most popular colors in the world. This should be a tre- mendously effective color pattern, and is available in the Sexy Swimmer, Baby King Shad, Pro Model Crankbaits in Series 3, 4s, 5 and 6, as well as Red Eye Shad.

strike kinG sexy swimmer and sexy GhOst minnOw COlOr

Bassaholics Lifestyle Apparel has become the main stream fishing fashion for anglers everywhere. Their reputa- tion for producing the highest quality garment with cutting edge graphics has resonated with the weekend angler, the die hard trophy hunter, and the upper echelon of tourna- ment professionals. Keeping with their penchant for producing the highest quality gear, Bassaholics introduced several new shirts, in- cluding their long sleeve Evolution Tee. Featuring Bassahol- ics’ exclusive blend of materials that creates the best fit and longest lasting quality, Evolution is nothing short of what anyone would expect from Bassaholics.

bassahOliCs evOlutiOn t- shirt

This was one of Bass West USA’s best of show choices for ICAST in our September / October issue, and should have been hardbait best of show at ICAST. Like many of the spinnerbaits now hitting the market, Strike Back features high quality components. The true innovation is an articulated head that allows the rear section of the head and hook to improve strike to land ratios. The design concept by Bobby Uhrig, President of MegaStrike, allows three things to happen that conventional spinnerbaits have yet to accom- plish. Strike Back is touted to be better in cover, because the rear section of the bait will deflect off of cover, keeping the hook point away from snags, then returns to position when the retrieve is con- tinued. It also allows for more hookups, as the hook will slide into strike position faster, and the third benefit being that the articulating head makes it harder for leaping bass to dislodge the lure.

meGastrike strike baCk spinnerbait

As punchin’ has become more popular, companies have responded with lures that make targeting bass in the grass easier. Talon Custom Lures is the latest to throw their hat in the ring with a big ole helping of Andi and Ivan Sanders’ creativity in a beautifully crafted junk explodin’ jig. Designed specifically for heavy tackle applications, a heavy 6/0 Mustad Ultra Point black nickel hook assures solid and secure hooksets. The slick shape easily penetrates heavy cover and sheds debris with a flick of the wrist. A slightly recessed line tie adds to the slick design. A high density weedguard is set at the perfect angle to protect the hook point and reduce hangups. In addition to an improved skirt keeper, each skirt is wire wrapped to keep it securely in place. An improved bait keeper keeps trailers secure.

November/December 2009

talOn CustOm lures Grass JiG