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Can you go lighter? Just

But what if those methods are not enticing the bites you need?

how low can you go?


Dear Bass West, I would like to make a suggestion for your magazine. I just received my first issue and really I pitched a 1/8 ounce dart headed worm on 6-pound enjoyed it. The magazine is top notch whY line up under a dock and I saw a bass cautiou sly beginning to end, high quality from follow my bait down great photos, and great in- before commi graphics, tting. It struck me. formation. I did however struggle to read some of the articles. The type set and font in conjunction with the vivid colors and graphics made it tough to see. It’s unfortunate that such a high quality magazine was such an effort to read. I shared my concerns with others in my fishing circle and they said this is pretty standard for your magazine and they themselves had though about writing in with their concerns. Many of us readers are over the age of 40 and thus need reading glasses. I hope you might take this into consideration the next time you go to print. I hope you will take a look at the magazine with these sugges- tions, so that future issues will e revised making it easier to enjoy and digest the valuable information contained inside. RT - Internet

September/October 2009

kered with ev- ery traditional bait aren’t the bass with virtually no luck. bighting? Are you Finally, near the end facing an icy cold of the snap after a four day warmin week, I pitched a 1/8 ounce g trend? Are you deal- dart ing with gin clear water? How about headed worm on 6-poun a strong, frigid, north d line up un- wind? Scorching hot dog days of summer? Or maybe der a dock and I saw a calm water in the post-sp bass cautiously fol- glass awn doldrums? Is it the low my bait down before full moon? Do you have morning after a committing. bright, bluebird, high skies It struck me. That fish wanted with a piercing sun? Which one of these bassin my bait to move as g nightmares sends a slowly as possible. He wanted cold chill up your a light, small, subtle approa spine? Or perhaps more accurately, which have been fishing for more one ch. If you does not? Hyperbole about fantas than a few years you have tic days dominate the sage ones in our sport heard magica the sport. And thankfully, the l 50 or 100 fish days we tell you stories about finicky experience burn thems bites this. It is, however, difficul But such as the reality elves into our is, tough days with relucta t to truly learn the lesson nt fish are far more prevale memory. unless lived it and experienced you bassin have zas at the forefro g bonan nt than the the phenomenon yourse nt of every good fish tale. lf. “Sage,” would be the exact And even the very best word power I would fisherm use to en among us; like rip describ Lake guide, John Gray. John Dobyn e Califor Trinity nia’s own crankin s, or bait master, Gary taught me how to bass g Arkie, Chad Martin, will conced had fish years ago. to I can still hear him saying e there are days you downsize onto spinning in his deep, gravely, Maine better be willing gear with light line if you accent “Don’t in your move ya bait! Let it sit ‘they’ . want to succeed until ya can’t stand it. Less pursuit Incidentally, it took me is ‘moh’! ” to finesse fishing it comes a few years, but I was finally When , many of us grew up on able ball-he Lately, deconstruct the numbe fully ad or dart-he Texas rigs or split shots. r one rule in Maine speech the to ad jig, adorned with a Pro : d plante pronounce the “r” in the you or never Robow split orm shottin seem g and T-rigging as the preferr to have sup- back half of a word. Hence ed method of finesse wormi bites , ‘park the to come car in the yard’ becomes, ng. When by, we cannot forget the ‘pahk the cah in the yahd’. are tough tantalizing, wacky rigged finally, of course, there Back to the problem at Senko. And is the drop-shot; probab ly the most deadly applica your bait is decade much easier said than done hand: not moving tion in the last for a beginner. Like many . in life and in bass fishing things , those words went in one But what if those methods are not entici ng the bites you need? ear lighte out the other - or so I though r? and Just how low can you can you go t. go? April A few years later I can remember sharing a boat of 2008 was an odd month on California’s world Unlike another Pro-Am event with famous bass factory, Clear in Jim Conlow. Jim fished in recent springs, the crystal clear water put the Lake. profes- there fish in an ultra-finicky mood. for a full week in anticip ation of a Pro-Am event I was and for almost the entire 50 « September/October 2009 week I tin-



RT- thanks for the input! I read over your suggestions a cou- ple of times and the only statement I would disagree with is that

“this is standard practice for our publication” sure we always put out a colorful vivid product, in fact that has always been one of the appealing factors to making us as successful as we are. But in the past it has never been an issue. Recently we made some changes to the mag- azine. Changes we believe make Bass- west even bet- ter. We have changed graphic artists this year and we are absolutely thrilled with the new direction. At the same time I have to admit I have all of a sudden I been hit with this very concern by many readers. I have been tracked down at events, and have had plenty of emails. It is some- thing we are aware of! We will continue putting out a very visual publication but will make a much better effort to ensure that the type is not overlying as much of the graphics. Again we all thank you and every other reader for you suggestions and look forward to continually getting better. JC



November/December 2009