BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 80

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Winter bass can be tough to trigger, but a slow twitch and pause cadence with a suspending jerkbait is a retrieve that they can’t turn down. The original Lucky Craft Pointer 78 DD Series has a lively, powerful action with a side-to-side slide. Even though it is small, the Pointer 78 has an excellent castability and has the ability to tempt any bass. The Lucky Craft Pointer 78 DD is a finesse jerkbait for those tough bite conditions, and the right choice when you’re on fish and searching for strikes.

pointer 78 dd

new lV 500 Colors

Lucky Craft continues to be the industry’s leading producer of premium finishes, and the new Pearl Shad and Japanese Minnow colors are no exception. Baitfish feature subtle flash and hues that make them blend in to their envi- ronment, and sometimes it requires a precise match of the prevalent baitfish in order to get a strike. The new Pearl Shad starts with a pearlescent base layer and is highlighted with soft golds, and green hues to give it a unique flash. Japanese Minnow is a translucent pearl base layer with light olive green shoulders and dark back with a rosy chin that screams at fish to bite. Add these colors to your arsenal and have an advantage over your competitors.

The Lucky Craft Flat CB DR has a flash- ing effect produced by the flat sides giving it incredible power to attract fish in clear open water. The Flat CB DR was developed as a multi version crankbait with the MR, DR, D-12 and D-20, which can be selected according to the target depth. In addition, one of the Flat CB’s main characterist et today.

Flat CB dr

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