BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 81

Aaron Martens’ Scrounger fea- tures a round jig head and a soft plastic bill that allows the water to pass over the jig head in a com- plete 360 degrees, this forces the jig head to oscillate back and forth, and works in tandem with the angler’s favorite soft plastic trailer. In addition to the improved swimming action, the Scrounger’s soft plastic bill also im- proves the odds of freeing the Scrounger when it becomes wedged in rock or rubble and acts as a weed guard allowing the Scrounger to be fished in and through heavy cover or over weed beds. The Scrounger is a great addition to any angler’s cold weather arsenal.

aaron Martens sCrounger head

Mattlures hardBaits Bass and Bluegill


Minda lures spear worM and inJured Minda

Minda Lures Spear Worms are a unique soft plastic design to the fishing in- dustry. This Lure has more tail than body giving it a completely different look to fish and Produces more water displacement and flash than most soft plastic baits. The broad tail enables a slower sinking lure that triggers more strikes and can be fished with tail either both parallel or perpendicular to the water surface, depending on how it’s rigged. Rigged with the tail parallel, it emulates the graceful swimming action of an eel or large leech. Rigged with the tail perpendicular, it can be used as a baitfish imitation or an underwater jerkbait. Minda Lures Injured Minda is a one-of-a-kind lure and must-have for every fisherman. This versatile, two-piece lure, hinged at the tail, has the unique ability to create a stationary action. Fishermen can make the lure rock or flip in a stationary position -- and it never leaves the strike zone. Small taps on a taught line causes the head to dip down, giving the lure a rocking motion that imitates a faltering bait fish. Slightly shaking the rod and cranking slowly can achieve a flutter effect at surface level. Fishing line is threaded through the body and tied to hinged tail which allows fisherman to work the tail action. This bait is made of ABS plastic and air brushed in life like colors.

MattLures Hard bass is a baby bass lure that looks and swims just like a real baby bass. These are arguably the most realistic baby bass lures ever created. The paint jobs are taxidermy quality and require a lot more labor then ordinary lures. Each bait is hand painted with as many as 23 layers of premium grade paints and finished off with a premium clear coat. Each bait comes stock with stainless steel extra heavy #5 split rings and Owner ST-41 1/0 treble hooks, and comes with an extra tail. The MattLures Hardbass is 7 1/2” Length, Weight - between 3.5 oz and 4.5 oz depending on the sink rate. The MattLures Hard gills are 5 3/4in. The floaters weigh 1.65 oz and the sinkers weigh 1.9oz. The sinkers sink a little less than a foot per second. Each Hard gill uses musky grade split rings and black nickel treble hooks. The baits will easily do a 180 degree turn with a twitch on slack line. The baits are made from a composite material so you never have to worry about water damage. The paint schemes are taxidermy quality and each bait has two coats of a very strong and glossy clear coat that brings out all the colors and pearls of the paint.

laMiglas exCel rods

Lamiglas Excel Rods The all-new Excel series offers more anglers than ever a renewed pride in owning and fishing an American Made fishing rod. Fea- ture laden with Lamiglas IM graphite construction, split grips, Aero Comfort Touch reel seats on spinning models and Fuji exposed blank reel seats on casting models, the deep metallic copper blanks are a delight to fish. To make choosing the perfect rod easy, suggested techniques are printed right on the blanks.

V &M Bait CoMpany Finesse Jig and FootBall Jig V&M Finesse Jigs are made with Gamakatsu Hooks and silicone skirts and are equipped with strap rattles which can be easily removed if elected. The cross hatch eye lets the V&M Finesse jig crawl over the nasty stuff with ease. Both standard colors and living image colors to select from. The V&M Flippin Jig is made with Gamakatsu hook and both living image and regular silicone skirts. These jigs come with a long weed guard so you can trim to your desired length. The V&M Flippin Jig also is equipped with two loud rattles that can easily be removed if you choose to. The cross hatch eye and head design makes this jig a heavy cover dream. • 800-591-7171