BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 82

JaCkall sasuteki Craw

Jackall’s new Sasuteki Craw (pronounced Sa-tech-ee) combines many facets of soft plastic creatures and craws into a dynamite package. Sasuteki Craw has unique arms that create a fast vibration when it swims. The bait is soft, durable and loaded with salt to make bass hold onto it longer. This 4” crawdad imitator is perfect for Carolina Rigs, Texas Rigs and Jig Trailer applications; a top performer in heavy cover punching applica- tions. It will be available in six proven fish catching colors.

JaCkall CrOsstail shad

The Jackall Lures Cross Tail Shad is the world’s first worm, developed specifically for the drop shotting technique. When you shake the worm the tail shakes and the body vibrates. Jackall Lures Cross Tail Shad is hand poured and perfect for drop shotting. This worm was developed in 1999 and has been a big success in Japan. Jackall Lures is now making the Cross Tail Shad available in the United States. This is one of the worms used by Kotaro Kiriyama in winning the 2008 Bassmaster Elite Series Empire Chase on Lake Erie. Kiriyama used a drop shot rigged Crosstail Shad to entice 93 pounds, 6 ounces of smallmouth into biting. His win earned him $114,500.

blaCk dOG bait COmpany small CraCker

Black Dog Mini Cracker is made from injection molded plastic, This bait can be waked or dived to three or four feet depending on rod height and retrieve speed. This bait runs true at all speeds and looks to be one of those must have baits. The Smallcracker can be used as a swimbait, a wake bait or a surface twitch bait. If you were waiting for the Black Dog Shellcracker to shrink on the shelves, this is your answer

JaCkall tn series lipless Crankbait

The touring pros secret vibration bait. Having the tungsten metal weight on the outside lip al- lows for more room for the lure to make a rattling vibration. TN Series is designed to have the best balance so the lure can swim at the slowest possible retrieval speeds for especially tough condi- tions. It also has been designed to have long distance casting ability so you can cover more water and catch more fish! Jackall’s specially designed weighted system makes it possible for the lure to stand straight up at the bottom. This will create less snagging than traditional types of lipless crankbaits.

doBYnS rodS ChaMPion SerieS

Today’s bass anglers are faced with ever changing lures, lines and techniques. Many changes resulted from someone figuring out a better way to catch a tournament winning stringer or trophy bass of a lifetime. The features and designs you will find on Dobyns Rods came straight from the best bass anglers in the world. We have many of the newly re-designed Dobyns Rods in stock and ready to ship.

SaMe daY ShiPPinG!!!