BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 83

buCkeye lures fliCk-it

The Strike King 4 inch Go-B-Gone is a great goby imitator with a groovy goby action! Strike King’s Perfect Plastics Go-B Gone baits are the softest, saltiest plastic lures ever produced buCkeye lures and feature Strike King’s exclusive coffee scent. These baits contain the world’s best blend of soft plastic ingredients! This Jwill swimbait head allows use of large amounts of salt yet keeps the bait soft, Buckeye Lures JWill Swimbait Head, Jason Wil- liamson, an Elite Series Pro, has worked with Buckeye pliable and fishable. Coffee adds to the appeal as it masks human scents and oils and causes added bites and longer Lures to create this unique way of fishing a swimbait hold times which increase your hook-up chances. in open water. The JWill swimbait head boasts a 5/0 Mustad Ultra Point Heavy Flipping Hook for unmatched strength. These heads have been custom painted to match most colors of swimbaits on the market. The collar on the head holds the swimbait securely cast after cast.

The Buckeye Lures Flick-It is the best way to wacky rig a worm. This technique is quickly becoming one of the best ways to make finicky and suspended bass feed. Take any kind of finesse worm and skin hook it through the middle. The Flick-it has a weed guard and can be fished around brush, grass and docks. It comes with an ultra sharp Ga- makatsu hook and powder coated head.

strike kinG GO-b-GOne

ima biG stik

The Big Stik is available in nine fish-catching colors tailored to specific situations. For the freshwater angler, there will be trout colors for the California lunker hunters, shad and herring colors that’ll be deadly in places like the Carolinas, where the blue back herring spawn is a way of life. There will also be a color that Pringle designed specifically for peacock bass and the saltwater aficionados will have mackerel and sardine imitators at their disposal. Ima’s new Big Stik topwater lure is a high-tech lunker-killer that walks, pops and spits – and catches just about anything that swims.

strike kinG red eye shad

The Strike King Red Eye Shad is one mean lipless crank- bait. Designed by Strike King’s National Pro-Staff, the Red Eye Shad has incredible action and features some awesome paint jobs, premium hooks, 3D eyes and free floating rattles to give you the best action and sound of any lipless crankbait on the market. The action when it free falls is awesome as the bait flutters down while maintaining a horizontal attitude rather than nose diving like many others.

wriGht & mCGill CO. skeet reese tessera rOds

ima flit 120

The IMA Flit 120 is made with three hooks. This design helps increase catch ratio when fish are in a reactive mood and not willing to aggressively feed. This bait emits a high pitch most commonly resembling that of baitfish in the Herring family (flat sided, as opposed to a round sided smelt), which includes Gizzard and Threadfin Shad, to imitate sound in colder water conditions and in post frontal situations. It dives 6 to 8ft which is the most common depth, within visible sight, of predatory fish aimed to catch suspending baitfish in colder months and post frontal situations.

These Skeet Reese Signature Series Tessera S-Curve blanks and the Tri-Gressive S-Glass blank are some of the most technologically advanced the industry has ever seen. The components are the best around. And the line covers all the right actions for the hottest techniques in bass fishing. Don’t think for one moment this rod isn’t great because of the price. Be- cause if it wasn’t a quality rod, 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion Skeet Reese wouldn’t jeopardize his career by using them. These are some of the most innovative rods available. These new Tessera S-Curve blanks and the Tri-Gressive S-Glass blank are super light- weight and unbelievably sensitive for all the power they deliver. Wright & McGill Co. introduced this new process, and a new blend of materials, that results in a thinner diameter blank that weighs less than conventionally constructed blanks without sacrificing durability. • 800-591-7171