BassWestUSA - November/December, 2009, Page 86

team spotlight

By Ron Niswonger

2009 Anglers’ Choice Points Champions-Wappapello Division

tim Green & steve seiter


some people with a competitive spirit, just being in the race is thrilling enough, and somewhat sat- isfying in itself. The quintessential tournament angler, however, from touring pro to bass club member, tend to raise the competitive bar. With a steadfast resolve and unwaver- ing determination, they approach each and every tournament with one purpose only: to win. Forty-nine year old Steve Seiter from Wappapello, Missouri, and forty-seven year old Tim Green, from Jackson, Missouri en- tered the 2009 Anglers’ Choice, Wappapello Division tournament season, not expecting to win the points race, but they fished one

tournament at a time, to that end. Their collective eye may not have been on the points championship, it was, however, focused on winning each tournament. Each event might be compared to a round of golf. The golfer must play one hole at a time and play each hole perfectly. The ultimate goal during the game is an am- biguous achievement that is secondary to the task at hand. The objective of course in playing each hole perfectly will result in the lowest cumulative score and ultimately the win. Seiter and Green approached each tournament with the same mind set as the golfer. Hit the ball straight, don’t miss the putts or conversely find the best pattern, lure, presentation and don’t lose



November/December 2009