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fish. I was fortunate enough to catch up with the two Southeast Missouri anglers immediately following the final tournament of the Anglers’ Choice season; in which they subsequently wrapped up the points championship. Following is the result of that meeting, when they agreed to answer a few questions.

Bw: How does it feel to win the points championship for 2009? Football Summer Mud Bug Football Midnight Blue Flip Jig Black Blue Red Flake Green: This is a tough circuit to win the points race, because there are so many very talented fishermen. It is our goal every year to win it all, and this year we got it done.

Bw: You mentioned the superior caliber of anglers that fish Wappapello. What makes them so good? Because this lake tough, Football Spot Seiter: Smoker Flip Jig Clearlake Craw fishes so Brown Purple the Flash local anglers have had to hone their skills to a razors’ edge just to compete. I truly believe that these guys are among the best in the state.

Bw: What makes Wappapello more difficult than other fisher-


Seiter and Green approached each tournament with the same mind set as the golfer. hit the ball straight, don’t miss the putts or conversely find the best pattern, lure, presenta- tion and don’t lose fish.

year, I was pitching a jig, and Steve was following up with a drop shot. That level of versatility has helped us.

Bw: In two tournaments this year, you didn’t have a five fish limit and yet only finished out of the top ten in one tournament all year. You were obviously on quality fish. Was that by design? Green: Yes. We targeted big fish in every tournament. On this lake that means fewer bites but more quality bites.

Bw: How do you target big fish? Seiter: The old adage “Big baits equal big fish” for the most part is true. We usually were throwing large profile lures that dis- placed a lot of water.

Green and Seiter are two of the most affable fishermen a person could meet. But make no mistake, behind the warm smile and friendly handshake are also two of the most highly skilled, extremely competent competitors on the water. bw

“Your Jigs Your Way”

Green: Of course any body of water can at times be difficult for a variety of reasons, but Wappapello is by far the most difficult to establish a pattern, than any lake we have ever fished. I think it’s that way for several reasons. It is a shallow lake with an average depth of less than nine feet, which seems to lend toward the fish moving around more. They are here today and gone tomorrow. At eight thousand acres, it is relatively small and subject to a lot of fishing pressure.

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Bw: Did you come in to the season expecting to win the points race? Green: No, but we were confident that we could compete and win some paychecks.

Bw: How much pre-fishing did you do, and was it critical for doing well? Green: It is a little different for both of us, due to our work schedules, but we were able to get in at least a couple of days prior to the tournaments, and it was critical in how we finished each event. Seiter: The pattern almost never held up until tournament day, but the area usually did, and that was key to our success. We changed lures, presentations, and depth but we were able to stay in the same areas that produced while pre-fishing.

Bw: Did you have any tournaments during the season when you didn’t really have an area, or a pattern that you had confidence in, and still managed to do well? Seiter: Yes, this one. We didn’t really do that well pre-fishing and just decided to go by instinct and cover a lot of water. Fortu- nately, it paid off and we finished in fifth place.

Bw: What are your strengths as a team? Seiter: Our individual strengths are different, so it works to our advantage because it makes us more versatile. Between the two of us, we experiment with several different lures, presenta- tions etc. Green: We are both fairly proficient in shallow water, but I will always go to my confidence lure at least sometime in every tournament. For me, that is a jig. Steve grew up fishing some of the ultra-clear lakes in Arkansas and my background is the dirty shallow lakes in this area. In at least one of our tournaments this

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