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semi pro report

Angler’s Choice Tournament Trails Acquires 100% Bass Western Rookie League

Forms new Semi Pro Circuit – AC Western Rookie League

Brentwood, Calif. – Anglers Choice Tournament Trails has the reputation of being the largest team tournament organization in the country, and with the acquisition of 100% Bass’ Western Rook- ie League, they stand poised to make a run at being the largest amateur circuit as well. Announced simultaneously at both the Angler’s Choice Semi Pro and 100% Bass Western Rookie League TOC’s in October, the move combines the strength of the existing organizations. The new AC Western Rookie League will feature a combination of both staffs, which includes the addition of Randy Pringle to the organi- zation that has long been headed by Danny Peluso. The pair, along with Central Valley Region Tournament Director Kevin Cheek, will work together to provide the best schedule and events available to their customers. “Randy (Pringle) has worked with Bob Kornhauser over the years to build a successful and well liked program with the WRL,” said Dan- ny Peluso, Vice President of US Angler’s Choice. “Together, Randy and I will combine the WRL’s history and the resources of US Angler’s Choice will combine to give amateur anglers a place they can be proud of; as well as one that will meet their needs as anglers.” Pringle is as eager to see the results of the merger, and echoed Peluso’s thoughts. “I think this is an exciting day for amateur an- glers in our regions,” said Pringle, Vice President of AC Western Rookie League. “The merger of our organizations presents real opportunity for the anglers, and what the WRL adds to US Angler’s Choice will be a great thing for everyone involved.”

The AC Western Rookie League will feature four divisions; a Northern Region, Delta / Wine Region, Motherlode Region as well as a Central Valley Region. Each Region will feature six events that will serve as regular season qualifiers for a season ending Tourna- ment of Champions. Other features of the AC Western Rookie League will be two Wild Card events with full details to follow. Sponsors for the AC Western Rookie League are, Legend Boats, Mercury Outboards, Bass Tackle Depot, Bass West USA magazine, and and Xtreme Lubri- cants. For complete details please go to

The Western Rookie League’s Tournament of Champions was featured at Clear Lake this year out of Red Bud Marina. There were 109 boats invited to attend this tournament however with boat motors, trolling motors and anything else that could go wrong, we ended up with 97 boats who fished this event. Talk about the weather; well that was one of the topics dis- cussed amongst the anglers before the tournament was to begin. Weather changes had taken place during the week, wind became an issue and the forecast called for rain with snow possible in the higher elevations. There was little said about what baits were catching bass until the second day, everyone wanted to keep their


2009 Western Rookie League Champions Mike Sanders and Matt Lindsey won it all at Clear Lake.



November/December 2009