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Guys, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the publica- tion, the events, and especially the new Pro Am Series. As a long time western tournament angler I have to say the new Pro Am format is great and can only imagine it growing even larger. The one suggestion I have is at the events and in the publication there was not enough information on the co-anglers. As a boater this may not be my concern, but as a huge sup- porter of Anglers Choice I just thought I would let you know that many of the co-anglers would like their standings and more infor- mation in the magazine on their finishes. That, matched with disseminating the information on draws and such at the events, may lead to less confusion for the co- anglers. Remember, many of these anglers are still new to the format, just my two cents. DW - Northern California

DW - As one of my favorite anglers to run into about every- where but my first stop in the morning, I appreciate the advice. It was passed onto Mark, and we will try to get more coverage in the magazine. As far as getting the information out in a better fashion at the events, I am still a little confused. My suggestion there would be to call one of the directors or Danny directly and inform him to exactly what we can do to make the experience better. I can tell you that some really exciting things are in the works for the Pro Ams, I think finally a Pro Am circuit worthy of the weekend angler is in place. Let me know what you think as we kick them off again. JC

I just wanted to say how excited I was to hear that Anglers Choice had purchased the Western Rookie League from 100% Bass. This is an exciting opportunity for all us anglers who love the smaller entry fees, but still want professionally run events. I think this is a win for everyone. Keep up the good work guys! TC - Modesto, CA

TC - I agree this is very exciting for everyone involved includ- ing all the sponsors. I don’t know if it’s a purchase or a merger or whatever you want to call it. But with guys like Randy Pringle and Bob Kornhauser coming over you can bet this new Anglers Choice League is going to be something really special. The reception of the anglers has been overwhelming, and the entire fishing com- munity has been a buzz for the last couple of months. Who knows what the boss has planned in the short future, but I can say this in an industry with so much turmoil right now, it’s refreshing to see some real positive steps. Mark Mendez should be commended on this venture as well as all the other parties involved. Thanks for all the kind words! JC

“The Bait That Strikes Back”

Black Blue/Nickel

Chartreuse Char/Nickel

White Red/Nickel

Shad Blue/Nickel

Chart/White Chart/Nickel


Made in U.S.A.

November/December 2009