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Give Them Some- oVer ThinG They WanT

the last three or four years swimbaits have become all the rage, and for good reason. They catch bass. In the beginning most of the models were huge. They were designed as trophy bass baits. The guys making them, and fishing with them, were content to throw a lure all day for one or two big bites. That’s not the way most anglers fish, however. Most of us want to catch fish all day long, regardless of whether we’re fishing a tournament or just out having fun with family or friends. We needed something smaller, something closer to reality. And so, as time went along several companies, including Tru-Tungsten, developed smaller models, most of which were in the 4 inch size range. They looked more natural in most venues and, therefore, solved the numbers problem. In fact, these little lures did too good of a job solving it. All we caught were little bass. We quickly realized that we needed something in the middle – a swimbait that was small enough to attract most of the bass in most of our waters but big enough to attract the big- gest bass in those same waters. Presented with that opportunity Tru-Tungsten developed their new Tru-Life 5-Inch Swimbait. These lures may very well be the most important swimbait in- novation of the decade. Here’s the deal in a nutshell: Giant swimbaits are fine for big bass lakes and rivers. If you’re fishing in California, Texas, Florida or Mexico you may need a bait that’s 8, 9 or maybe even 12 inches long. The bass in those places are big, and they’re used to seeing forage that big. On the other hand if you’re fishing most of the lakes and rivers in the South, North or Midwest a smaller bait is more appropriate. The bass are smaller, and so is the forage. Lures around 4 inches will get you numbers in these venues, but they won’t get you size. If you want reasonable numbers, along with quality size, you need something in the middle. That’s exactly where Tru-Tungsten’s new 5-Inch Tru-Life Swimbait comes into play. Tru-Tungsten’s 5-Inch Swimbait is shorter in length so it looks more like what most bass are eating. At the same time, however, its unique body design creates a bigger profile than the 4-inch model. It’s just what we needed – a swimbait that’ll attract both numbers and size in most parts of our country. Note: I realize there are exceptions to what I’ve just said. A big bait will occasionally catch a 12-inch bass, and a tiny bait will sometimes catch a true lunker. Nevertheless, the principles I’ve outlined above are generally true. If you follow them you’ll catch more bass, no matter if you’re looking for numbers or size. Tru-Tungsten’s 5-inch model is exceptionally effective on highly pres- sured fish, especially when the water’s clear. Bass in that environment

by matt newman



January/February 2010