BassWestUSA - January/February, 2010, Page 15

Second it allows me to “change” lures without retying. All I have to do is pull a pin out of the lure with my fingers, sepa- rate the body parts, insert one or two tungsten balls into the body cavity of the lure, and then put the pin back in place. I can do this in a matter of seconds. No hassle, no sweat. Tru-Life 5-Inch Swimbaits are offered in 10 fish catching colors. Eight are designed to match local forage around the country. They’re scaled with hues that duplicate real baitfish, living in real waters. There’s something for everyone regardless of where you live or fish. The other two colors are designed to duplicate two of the most successful color combinations ever put of the surface of a lure – chrome with a blue back and chrome with a black back. No one – save maybe the fish – knows why these two combina- tions work. All we know is that they do. (I don’t know about you but that’s enough for me. If I know they work I don’t really care why.) Along with all these other features every Tru-Tungsten 5-Inch Swimbait comes equipped with the very best MiHatchii treble hooks. In my experience they’re the sharpest, and most reliable, hooks available. I don’t fish with anything else. I’m thrilled to have a selection of these swimbaits in my boat this year. The lakes I fish are no different than the ones you fish. They’re highly pressured and populated with bass that have a Ph.D in avoiding lures. Now, for once, I’ll be able to fish behind other competitors – sometimes within sight of their boats – with confidence. I’ll have something on the end of my line that the bass want, something they haven’t seen before, something that looks real. BW

have seen it all – big lures and finesse stuff. And, most of the time they’ve seen it day after day for months on end. It’s almost impossible to show them something they haven’t seen before. I say “almost impossible” because there is one thing they haven’t seen – something that looks like the real thing. No matter how much pressure they’re getting they have to eat, and the real thing has never stuck them with a hook. They have no reason to fear it. That’s the strength of Tru-Life swimbaits. They look and act like the real thing. Their swimming action is unsurpassed, and their finishes will fool even the most wary bass. The Tru-Life 5-Inch Swimbait is offered in two models: a Wake/ Slow Sinker and a Slow/Fast Sinking. Each of those lures can be fished three ways – without weight, with one tungsten ball, or with two tungsten balls. If I want to wake the surface at a slow speed I’ll throw the Wake/Slow Sinker without any tungsten balls. It stays right on top at painfully slow speeds. If I want to keep it at the surface but speed it up a bit I’ll add one ball, and if I really need to burn it – but still create a wake – I’ll add two balls. It’s really three lures in one. I can do the same thing when I need depth. I can maintain the same exact depth, but still vary my speed, with the Slow/Fast Sink- ing model by adding or removing tungsten balls. The more weight I add the faster I crank, while still holding my desired depth. This system gives anglers a couple of advantages. First it’s economical. When I purchase one bait I really get three. I don’t have to purchase multiple baits so I can cover various depths at various speeds. That cuts my per lure expense into a third of what it would be with other makes of swimbaits.

January/February 2010