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cently, he appeared on the Today Show, taking Jenna Wolfe on a bass fishing expe- dition on the California Delta. Despite his youth, Lucas can be decid- edly “old school” with some of the baits he chooses. One of them is a tailspinner poured by Brian Nollar, the son of angling friend and pro Dave Nollar of Redlands, California. A little-known fact is that Lu- cas won a 2007 National Guard Clear Lake event as a co-angler by catching many of his better fish off rock piles on a red tail- spinner with a red blade that Nollar made for him. “I like to fish it in early spring, the fall transition and all winter,” states Lucas. “You want to throw it at fish that are chas- ing bait. It’s great if you feel like you’re around a lot of fish. Otherwise, it can feel like you’re hunting for a needle in a hay- stack. The neat thing with a tailspinner is how fast you can fish it in water from five to forty feet deep.” “I use strictly the 3/4-oz version,” he continues. “I like it with a Powell 733 cast- ing rod and 12-lb Berkley 100% Fluorocar- bon spooled onto an Abu Garcia Revo SX high-speed reel.” “I throw it out and let it hit bottom,” Lucas concludes, “and go from a 9 to 12

o’clock rod position with a yo- yo retrieve. Once I start moving it, I want to keep the blade constantly turning so I don’t let it sink all the way to bottom. Ninety-five percent of the time, they’ll hit

it on the fall.” Lucas also likes Nollar’s tailspinners in a shad color with a silver blade and a chartreuse line running down the side. BW

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January/February 2010