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“Our vision is like a micro-brewery,” says Andi. “We are not looking to grow Intellicoat painting process is just » compeTiTion and and mark become huge. We want to make a cooperaTion one example. Using a laboratory-tested, the want years we’ve it had to people who multi-coat, multi-product of process they’ve but “Over limited amount stuff, we have helped us out - both through compe- managed to create a finish that outlasts tition and cooperation,” says Andi. “It’s a pretty best much anything out there. Consid- be the it can be.”

ering the diminutive size of most of their products, many companies might forgo the effort and save the time and money, but they feel that the effort is worth it to main- tain a good reputation and put out the best product possible. All of their skirts are made to order, often in colors specifically designed to match a customer’s favorite trailer, or sea- sonal colors that work well on their par- ticular waters. Because if this, there’s es- sentially a limitless amount of colors and combinations available on their baits, and they can quickly react to successes and requests without having to go back to the drawing board. Andi says she really val- ues this flexibility which also gives them a competitive advantage as a small compa- ny, and especially enjoys the custom work.

very cut-throat industry.” But all this com- petition has kept them on their game, and does not let them slack off. “As a result, the industry is incredibly progressive. . . we’ve collaborated with a few other companies, and we are active on the forums. If guys are just starting out, I don’t mind giving out tips and tricks. It enriches the industry as a whole and don’t feel threatened by it,” she says. “It drives us to continually get better and better, and it creates better products for anglers.”

For cold winter weather Andi suggests a combination attack: Start with use the 3/4 - 7/8 oz. Weedless Football Jig to find fish, then follow it up with the oversized Big Dandy Spoon in chrome to trigger a strike.

In cloudy water, go for their brightly paint- ed finishes on the spoon for more visibil- ity, and on clear, sunny days, she goes for a hoochie shad pattern anywhere there’s matching bait fish. “And the Texas Craw is hard to beat in Texas in the California Oxblood color, which was made by request from California anglers.” Although she has not had as much time for fishing lately as she might like, when she does get out on the water, Andi likes to keep her tackle selection simple, and uses a shorter rod than some might prefer, choosing a 5 1/2 - 6 foot medium to heavy rod, with 17 lb. line or 30 lb. braid “for 99% of everything. . . I like to stick to the simple stuff that doesn’t wear me out.”

» SeaSonal TipS

» Brand new and

Talon has just released two new rat- tling skirts designed to punch through weed mats on bullet-weighted Texas-rigged baits in two sizes: the smaller Talon Series Rat- tlin’ FlipSkirt and the new larger Magnum Rattlin’ FlipSkirt. Based on requests from their pro-staff and customers who wanted a sturdier skirt with sound, they feature a specially designed sleeve that snugs up to bullet weights, adding a distinct click- ing sound when fished. Double rattles add to the sound, but can be removed when

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January/February 2010