BassWestUSA - January/February, 2010, Page 59

in the strike zone for a long time. Leave it there as long as you pos- sibly can. These bigger fish have a much slower metabolism this time of year and the area they’re guarding is much smaller. “The jig is by far the best win- ter bait there is and I’ve caught most of my big fish on them. In fact, I’d say I have between 30 and 40 fish over 15 pounds on jigs. “I don’t try to make my jig fishing difficult,” he said. “I stick to browns, blacks and purples. But I definitely mix up the colors. For example a brown jig with a purple trailer is hard to beat any- where you go. “The thing about these baits is they allow you to fish slowly,” he said. “You can soak these baits for a long time. They’re also what I consider ‘spot baits.’ Swimbaits are an area bait.” BW


“By doing these three things you have played the percentages in your favor,” Long said. “You’ve eliminated a lot of water, you’ve eliminated the bad times of the day and you’ve eliminated a large amount of tackle from use. With these parameters removed from the equation, the next best thing to do is program yourself on these spots with these baits and at the right time. Sometimes you’ll gain confidence and that’s key.”


This ain’t no party. This is the business of winning. You size up everything on and in your boat, from prop to rod tip, looking for every edge. And now, you can get a real edge just from your hook. Introducing TroKar. The fastest-penetrating hook ever made. But don’t take our word for it. Ask the Gman what he’s using.

January/February 2010