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big theme this year seems to be, “Leave it behind in 2009; start over again in 2010”. Industry experts cite the increase in fishing licenses sold during 2009 as proof that anglers will continue to fish and most seem to believe the worst is behind us. Some companies have already seen amazing growth in the final quarter of 2009 as retailers get ready for the spring fishing season. Many of the boat dealers I have spoken with are doing fantastic with used boat sales, which can only lead to new purchases eventually. Companies have had to downsize, even mega organizations like FLW are ac- tually listening to the anglers and doing their best to accommodate us. Lower en- try fees, less travel and better venues are on the horizon for 2010. Grass root orga- nizations like US Anglers Choice continue to grow with new formats for Pro/Am and Rookie League events that are sure to get a lot of attention nationwide. The bottom line is this, we cannot look in the review mirror; if we do we will be living in the past and that’s not healthy. When you go out and fall on your face in a tournament, you have to leave it behind! If you don’t, you will end up dragging that baggage into future events, change your style and keep getting your tail kicked. So, let’s leave it all behind in 2009, count our blessings and move forward in 2010. I am really excited about this year. My good friend Pam Martin Wells will be compet- ing in the BASSMASTER Clas- sic. She is the second woman ever to fish in these events! She will be riding in on the tail of Legend Boats team- mate Kim Bains Moore. These two women have shown us just how good they are during this past year. Pam is arguably the best female bass angler in the world, so watch for her to finish very strong.


Bass West USA is positioned to have the finest year ever. Our subscription base is blowing through the roof! The best writ- ers in the industry are coming on board each month. National pros want to get involved and share their secrets with our readers. This helps the quality of our pub- lication and ensures with each issue you truly are getting “The First and Final Word” on our beloved sport! We have an amazing year planned out with new faces and information. Great articles not only about catching bass, but how to market and brand your image, how to move through the ranks, and how to get the best bang for your hard earned buck. It’s really going to be a great year folks; one that I believe will see the change needed to really grow Bass fishing into a national spotlight. In closing, I would encourage every angler to join a networking site. Face Book has done an amazing job of allowing us all to be closer and share information. I would like to suggest that everyone become a fan of Bass West Magazine on Face Book. I am amazed to see all the readers and an- glers that I have met the last few months on Face Book. Anglers from all over the world are now my friends and I just love that, with a click, I can catch up with any of them at anytime. If you haven’t jumped on board, trust me you’re missing the boat. And by all means request Tony, Dan, Mark, and myself as a friend on Face Book. We do this because we love to fish and sometimes get to call it a job! Let’s leave it behind in 2009 and do it even better again in 2010! JC